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What is fairmined?

Fairmined is an initiative whose label certifies gold of responsible origin. Guarantee that it is a traceable gold, extracted with the best mining practices aimed at preserving the environment, and support the development of artisanal and small-scale mining communities.


Fairmined certified gold comes from artisanal and small-scale mining organizations certified to the Fairmined standard. This certification guarantees that the gold has been extracted in harmony with nature, human dignity and sustainable development, contributing to the transformation of lives in these mining communities.

who can buy Fairmined gold?

Companies in the gold industry: jewelry companies, watchmakers, electronics factories, financial institutions, mints… among others, find out here how to buy Fairmined gold.

If you are a consumer of gold jewelry or products, these are the licensed brands that use Fairmined gold.

Fairmined Precious Metals is for everyone who wants responsibly sourced gold and seeks to make a positive economic, social and environmental impact in mining communities.



In addition to receiving a fair price for the gold they produce, the miners receive a premium: money so that they can continue their process of improvement and development.

They receive USD 4 for every gram of Fairmined gold sold (extracted with responsible chemical management). And in the case of Fairmined ECO gold (extracted without the use of chemicals) they receive USD 6 for each gram of gold.

Thanks to this award, certified small-scale mining organizations are able to improve their mining activity, carry out projects in favor of human rights, gender equality and environmental projects. Of course, they also comply with the technical, legal and environmental requirements to obtain the Fairmined certification that is renewed and audited every year.

What is the fairmined premium invested in?

improvement of mining organization

miners welfare

Development AND WELL-BEING of the local community

Environmental Preservation

who created the Fairmined standard?

The Fairmined standard and seal were created by the Alliance for Responsible Mining, an international non-profit organization that has been working since 2004 for the development of artisanal and small-scale mining communities worldwide.

Fairmined, created in 2007 is part of the Sustainable Mines Program, which seeks to accompany and lead small-scale miners to carry out mining that promotes their economic growth without harming the environment, that catalyzes their social development in line with the sustainable development objectives of the 2030 agenda.

Fairmined is the highest level of responsible mining, and obtaining its certification is a process that can take years to achieve. We invite you to learn more about the Alliance for Responsible Mining and the mines that are in different phases of the Sustainable Mines Program.

Board of directors and team members of the Alliance for Responsible Mining