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Supply chain & Assurance

Fairmined supply chain actors

Certified mining organizations


Mining organizations that meet the Fairmined Standard’s strict requirements are certified and can sell Fairmined-certified gold to the market.

Fairmined Suppliers

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These are the refiners, traders, manufacturers and casters that transform the gold into inputs for the various segments of the gold industry such as alloys, wire, sheet and casting grain. Actors in the supply chain whowant to trade Fairmined Gold must become a Fairmined Authorized Suppliers.

Fairmined Licensees

To trade in Fairmined Gold and make claims about its use, any interested party must become a Fairmined Licensee. Fairmined Licensees have to comply with the requirements outlined in the Fairmined Standard, License Agreement and Mark Manual to ensure credibility. The licensing process is simple and straightforward and there is no licensing fee for use of the label.

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Fairmined Assurance System

The Fairmined assurance system includes all processes to ensure credibility and consistency with the compliance of the Fairmined Standard requirements by all actors of the Fairmined supply chain.

The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), the artisanal and small-scale mining organizations, the Fairmined Authorized Suppliers (including the First Authorized Buyers), the Fairmined Licensees and the recognized auditors  have specific roles in the Fairmined Certification and Authorization process and must comply with its requirements.

The Fairmined assurance system is comprised of two processes:

The overall structure of the assurance framework for the Fairmined authorization process of suppliers and licensees is detailed in the Fairmined assurance system document.

In order to ensure the credibility of the Fairmined Mark and compliance with the Fairmined Standard, both processes are audited and/or verified by third party auditing bodies or ARM’s Standards and Certification department. Additionally, all Fairmined actors must report their purchases and confirm their sales to the Fairmined Information System, ensuring that ARM and the audit bodies are able to trace Fairmined metals transactions.












Fairmined Information System

We have a virtual platform to exchange relevant information between the actors of the Fairmined supply chain.

The platform has the following functions:

  • Registration of all information related to the various Fairmined supply chain actors
  • Documental traceability control throughout the Fairmined supply chain
  • Management of audit and certification processes

In order to improve our system and provide a better service, the Alliance for Responsible Mining will migrate the existing information system to a new user-friendly and efficient platform, while maintaining the same level of security and robustness.


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Third Party Auditing

Recognition process of audit bodies

Consult the list of current audit bodies recognized by the Alliance for Responsible Mining to conduct Fairmined audits.

For artisanal and small-scale mining organizations

For Fairmined authorized suppliers and licensed brands



The Fairmined audit process for mining organizations is detailed in the document Procedures for Fairmined certification. The general audit and certification steps are summarized in the certification steps and deadlines.

The Fairmined audit process for suppliers and licensed brands is detailed in the Fairmined assurance system document.

If you are interested in being an auditing body, recognized by ARM, for certified mining organizations, suppliers or licensed brands, download the document Selection and approval of audit bodies. For more details, contact

Recognized certification schemes

 Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)

RJC Chain of Custody (CoC) Certified refiners can source from Fairmined certified artisanal and small-scale miners. Furthermore, RJC CoC Certified members who are Fairmined Suppliers and Licensees have the possibility to conduct combined audits under both standards. Contact to evaluate the possibility of a joint RJC and Fairmined audit.

Fairmined recognizes the results of Fairtrade audits

The Alliance for Responsible Mining facilitates the assurance experience for authorized suppliers and licensed brands that participate in Fairmined and Fairtrade initiatives. Fairmined acknowledges the results of the Fairtrade audit as part of the Fairmined assurance protocols.

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