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Positive impact for the ASM sector within everyone’s reach


The Fairmined credits are a flexible model for the industry to engage with responsible Artisanal and Small-scale Mining.(ASM organizations)

✔️ Each FAIRMINED Credit is proof that one gram of gold has been mined responsibly by a FAIRMINED Certified mine.

✔️ FAIRMINED Credits allow you to support the responsible ASM sector that sells its production to formal supply chains.

✔️ With the FAIRMINED credits you buy, you allow certified mines to invest in better working conditions and environmental protection.



How do they work?


The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) emits Fairmined credits based on the production of the Fairmined certified mines.


You choose the mine(s) you want to support. You get to know the story of the mine, the challenges and projects of the miners!


You buy the Fairmined credits and the Alliance for Responsible Mining invests the money in the mine’s projects.


You receive detailed reports on social, environmental, and economic improvements happening in the the supported mining organizations and their communities. You also receive a communications kit to tell your costumers about your impact!

*Our Fairmined team will guide you during the entire process. We will help you to communicate your support for ASM!


Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) accounts for more than one fifth of the world’s gold production and provides a livelihood of more than 150 millions of people. However, it can also associated with numerous human rights abuses and environmental degradation. Although ASM will continue to exist, it is crucial to engage with this sector and promote better practices to turn mining into a force for good. By purchasing Fairmined credits, you can address the challenges in your supply chain and make a significant impact on both people and the planet. The Fairmined credits also ensure that change happens and endures over time. By choosing Fairmined credits, you are investing in a brighter future for mining communities

your benefits


Enhance your ESG Strategy

Investing in Fairmined credits allows you to create a positive social and environmental impact at the beginning of your supply chain while receiving detailed reports on the use of the premium paid to each mine and their ESG performance.


Choose the mine you want to support:

Team up with the certified mine whose profile and projects best with your sustainability goals


No need to change your existing supply chains:

With Fairmined credits, you can support certified mines without integrating their gold into your supply chain or changing providers, making it an easy and accessible way to promote responsible mining.



Pay only for impact at the source:

When you purchase Fairmined credits, you don’t incur any traceability or logistical costs. All of your investment goes directly towards transforming the ASM sector and supporting positive change.


Get access to periodical reports on social, environmental and economic improvements of the mining organizations and their communities, including the premium investment

By buying Fairmined credits you will be able to contribute to the financing of impact projects for mining communities, and you will have access to the periodic reports of the investment of the premium, and reports of each mine.

Iquira’s Mining Organization miners with elements of personal protection

How to start?


Get in touch with our team, we are ready to answer your questions about the Fairmined credits!


Choose the mine(s) you want to support and buy your credits.


Check with our team the claims you can make about your contribution!


Receive your digital guide and kit to communicate about your commitment to responsible mining communities!

ready to start?

Angela Jorns - Fair Materials & Mining Team Lead at FairPHONE

“Fairmined credits are a way of directly supporting miners and their communities, and helping to improve the professionalization of artisanal and small-scale mining. We hope the electronics industry will take note and follow our example to help transform the gold industry.”

Ramiro R. - Miner of La Gabriela Mining Organization

“Thanks to the Fairmined credits model, we keep improving our mining practices! Our organization is an example of responsible mining.”