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What do you picture when you think of a gold mine?

Do you picture proud, capable miners, thriving communities and environmental protection? 

Because those are the symbols that Fairmined stands for – pride, community, humanity and responsibility; and it is with these goals that we, together with the gold industry, want to make a change in the small-scale mining sector.

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from small-scale mining organizations embracing responsible mining and business practices.  It provides you with easy access to gold to be proud of, where positive social and environmental impact become part of the story behind gold.

The value of gold should be measured by more than its weight. Look beyond style and beauty to become a part of the ethical transformation of your industry.

Join the group of brands

who support the development of small-scale mining as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Know the origin of your gold

make credible claims and share a beautiful story with your customers.

Mitigate reputational risks

while enhancing your economic, social and environmental impact.


Start progressively. You don’t have to switch your total production to Fairmined, but can start with specific products, a category, collection or simply a part of your production.

Becoming a Fairmined licensed brand or authorized supplier is compatible with other initiatives, such as RJC certification.

The gold market has the power to drive the positive transformation of artisanal and small-scale mining.

Read here why you should engage with this sector.


If you source gold to create consumer products such as jewelry, coins, medals, bars, prizes or electronics, you have a great opportunity to add value to your products by assuring their responsible origin while generating a positive impact in mining communities.


If you buy and sell gold, you have the opportunity to mitigate your reputational risks while offering your customers traceable, certified metals that perfectly fit in their responsible sourcing strategies.

SOME Fairmined actors

Find all the certified mines, suppliers and brands on this map

Fairmined contributes to the
UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Participants of the Fairmined initiative can demonstrate their contribution in their sustainability reports and communication strategies. Learn more about how the Fairmined certification contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 


Fairmined: a path to a better future

Fairmined gold: a gift for you your loved ones and for 
small-scale miners

 Ethical gold, ethical mining. 
Your choices have power

Fairmined premium: transforming mining communities

Understanding the Ethical Supply Chain

Article by Emily MacDonald from The Incorporation of Goldsmiths. An overview of what to be aware of when trying to source sustainably.

What Constitutes “Recycled” Gold?

Opinion article by Christina Malle, Ethical Metalsmiths Board Member.

Consumer market research

Study commissioned by Christina T. Miller Sustainable Jewelry Consulting (CMC) U.S consumers are likely to buy ethical jewelry as they become aware of artisanal and small-scale mining.

Jewelers, How Good Is Your Gold?

Article by The JCK online. Improving your gold sourcing isn’t easy or cheap. But it’s possible.

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