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Success stories

Leading brands in ethical gold jewelery.

Image: Lia Terni® 

There are more than 360 Fairmined licensed brands. And we are proud of each one of them. Find out here the stories of some licensed brands and their experiences using the gold to be proud of!

Behind the brands

Majoral: leading the way of ethical gold in Barcelona

“Having a direct connection with the responsible gold mine adds value to the customers. It is possible to adopt Fairmined progressively and reject gold with unknown origin ” Francesc Picanyol. Manager.

Ethical Jewels by belloni: Artistic Italian dYnasty

The possibility to share a story of origin, environmental care and fair work conditions for miners, allowed Gioielleria Belloni to make ethics and sustainability the core of the brand, their materials and supply chains are aligned with their values.

NAnini: elementary and minimalistic jewellery

“I care about the story behind my material. Mining can be a rough and unfair industry which I don’t want to support. That is why all my jewelry is made from Fairmined gold, silver and fair trade gemstones“ Nina Strategier – Founder of Nanini

Fairever: Transforming the precious metals supply chain

“Our goal is to change the current standard of the gold industry, thinking about the well-being of the people who do the hard work of extracting gold, and their communities.
The environment is also an important factor for all of us. We want our children to experience this world in its natural beauty.”

Desirée Binternagel – CEO of Fairever

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