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Fairmined 3.0 Standard Revision and Creation Process Continues

Fairmined 3.0 Standard Revision and Creation Process Continues

Fairmined Standard, created by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), is currently in renewal process to make an improved, better version that will be suited for the changing needs and challenges of the different chain supply stakeholders.

Our team at ARM is currently on stage 5 of the Activity Schedule: Development of the Standard Draft.

Get to know the list of the advances and future challenges in this process:   

2020 was a period of LISTENING AND COLLECTING, which led to these achievements:

  • We developed virtual work spaces to collect input about different topics with experts, Fairmined chain stakeholders, and the ARM team.
  • We started research on several topics that led to the understanding of the dynamics related to the commercial, the premium, assurance, impact, and sustainability axis aspects.
  • We finished the second version of the CRAFT Code, which makes a contribution to the development of the new version of the Fairmined Standard from the perspective of risk mitigation and due diligence.
  • We created internal spaces for reflection with the ARM team to bring a renewed, value proposal for all stakeholders, involving the CRAFT Code and the Fairmined Standard as a high-impact ASM supply solution.

2021 is a year to ANALYZE and CREATE. These are some of the things that we have done during this first semester:

  1. After collecting valuable input from different stakeholders, we are analyzing information thoroughly to develop the draft of the Fairmined 3.0 Standard (Stage 5 of the activity schedule).
  1. We have analyzed the value proposal on the Price, the Premium, and supply models proposed on the Standard, integrating all the valuable comments and contributions from the gold industry in the Public consultation that we made in 2020.

These will be our priorities for the second part of the year:

  • We will develop a benchmarking with other standards and innovative proposals in the market to defined a renewed structure of Fairmined Standard 3.0.
  • We will implement our new value proposal, integrating CRAFT Code and Fairmined Standard, according to the lessons we have learned.
  • We will revise the Standard from a genre and inclusion view (workshops with ASM men and women miners about genre and ethical mining).
  • We will analyze the recommendations on safety, ASM, and due diligence, and the recommendations on the feasibility exercise about forest-smart mining.
  • We will continue with the analysis and study of the comments and recommendation received from 2020 theme sub-committees.
  • We will build miners, suppliers and licensed partners with Fairmined to improve their interaction in the assurance process.

For 2022, we aim towards VALIDATION and DISCUSSION

  1. We will introduce the Standard 3.0 draft to the committee and perform validation sessions.
  2. We will open the process of international public consultation to collect comments and recommendations from current and potential users of Fairmined Certification, Fairmined Supply Chain, and other stakeholders.
  3. Publication of Fairmined Standard 3.0 and a transition period for mining organization that are already certified with the Standard.
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