Invitation to the gold industry: Help make a bigger impact with Fairmined

Invitation to the gold industry: Help make a bigger impact with Fairmined

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At the Alliance for Responsible Mining, we continue with the revision process of the Fairmined standard in order to create its third version. We’ve had more than 6 years of experience working with the standard that has been strengthened and positioned internationally thanks to the support of more than 250 market brands in 27 countries. 

2020 has been a pre-consultation period. Different actors of the supply chain participated: miners, experts and gold market members.


As part of the pre-consultation process, we invite all market actors of the gold industry to participate in this survey and leave us your feedback on specific topics that are important for the Fairmined initiative to be successful in engaging companies in the market.

The objective of the Fairmined standard 3.0 is to strengthen the development of artisanal and small-scale mining organizations as well as to promote responsible gold to be proud of in the international market.

Find more information about the Fairmined standard revision here.

Thank you for contributing to the Fairmined Standard 3.0!


Topics of the survey:

  1. The Fairmined premium
  2. The Fairmined sourcing models
  3. Costs of engaging with Fairmined
  4. Information needs for market actors

This survey will take you 10 minutes. Your answer will be very helpful to us.

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