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Matthew Chambers

Matthew Chambers

Member of the Board of Directors at the Alliance for Responsible Mining

Matthew is an impact investor, social entrepreneur and chair of the Chambers Federation. He has managed the family business for the past 20 years, expanding operations to the Philippines in 2003 and Africa, Kenya & DRC, in 2008 and 2013 respectively.

The Chambers Federation is an award winning, US-based, accredited impact investment firm. Recipient the US Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE), the Federation focuses on investments into women empowerment, responsible sourcing and value addition in the artisanal cocoa, coffee and gold sectors.

Matthew is the lead investor and co-founder of I Am Origins™ and Origins Innovation Labs, highlighting woman-led value addition and material provenance in conflict-affected and high-risk areas. This woman ed social enterprise commercializes premium in country value-added products to international markets.

Managing the family business for the past 20 years, Matthew has founded a variety of social enterprises in the Philippines, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo including the first chocolate facility and ASM gold jewelry production line in the DRC, with value chains made up entirely of women. Matthew is also a board member of Alliance for Responsible Mining.