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The Fairmined initiative authorizes 4 new suppliers

The Fairmined initiative authorizes 4 new suppliers

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The gold industry is increasingly interested in the trend of sustainability, in this work authorized suppliers (refineries, foundries and manufacturers) are key players to offer traceable and responsible extracted gold to brands. In the last weeks 4 new companies decided to become part of the transformation of the gold industry and joined the Fairmined initiative.

Eytzinger, a German gold leaf and powder manufacturer, aims to facilitate the development of components for the cosmetic industry.

Dillon Gage, the great American refiner, seeks to facilitate access to Fairmined gold throughout North America with an efficient distribution network that allows large and small brands access to gold to be proud of.

Reischauer GmbH, a key German company in the numismatics sector, will offer its expertise in the manufacture of coins and medals from the making of the blanks to their refinement.

SDC Designs, a leading fourth generation diamond producer and fine jewelry design company known for the design, manufacture and wholesaling of fine jewelry. SDC specializes in private label and designer brands. SDC will support the brands in their Fairmined project.

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