By: Laura Galvis, Fairmined Account executive at the Alliance for Responsible Mining

Halfway to completing 100 collections made with Fairmined certified metals, the first 50 participating collections represent an incredible milestone on their own: the Fairmined initiative is proud to showcase for the first time the work of the licensed brands in one place. All of the collections will be representing Fairmined in its marketing communications by being featured in the Fairmined 100 challenge video and digital catalog.

We are thrilled to share the first fifty participating brands from the Fairmined 100 challenge, an incredible journey of creativity, craft, commitment, and originality for all the participating licensed brands in support of the artisanal and small-scale mining communities.

An incredible exhibition of diversity and a world of possibilities to create with Fairmined metals: from debuting collections to collections made by the first brands to ever join the initiative 10 years ago; from collections created by emerging designers who had traditionally made bespoke pieces, to designs full of heritage and significance worthy of being displayed at museums; from everyday and stackable pieces to statement designs that shine best on their own; we hope this is an inspiring preview of what can be achieved using gold to be proud of.

There is still opportunity for designers and brands to develop and launch a collection using certified Fairmined gold, silver, gold plating or coating until August 31st of the current year.

All the participating collections are eligible to win the Fairmined challenge awards in at least one category, where they will be recognized as one of the best Fairmined collections from the challenge by an incredible panel of judges: Annabel Davidson Editor of Vanity Fair on Jewelry Edition, Elle Hill Founder and CEO of Hills & Co, Celine Dassonville
Founder and Director of Ethiwork , Michelle Graff Editor in Chief National Jeweler, Pernille  Møbjerg  Co-founder of The Jewellery Room,  and Victoria Gomelsky Editor in Chief JCK Magazine. Learn more from the Fairmined challenge awards, categories and judges here.

The Fairmined team and the certified artisanal mining organizations from Peru and Colombia thank the first 32 brands to join the challenge for impacting the industry positively with every gram of gold they purchase and for bringing visibility to responsible sourcing and transparency

Here are the first 50 collections

  1. Tabayer – Oera Collection

  2. Brilliant Earth – Fairmined for Brilliant Earth: Gold for Good

  3. Rachel Jackson – Eternal Treasures

  4. Alex Monroe- Fables

  5. My Cham – Eclipse

  6. Bytomski Bytomska jewellery – Coronal Mass Ejection

  7. Carole Chiotasso – PYRGI

  8. Mercurius Jewelry – The Deep Time

  9. Armoise Jewelry – Dea Dia

  10. Saskia Shutt Designs – Curves & Colours

  11. JEM – Collection Étreintes, Chapitre III

  12. Minrl – Random Polygons

  13. Fucine Romane – ROMA AD MMXX Collection

  14. Fucine Romane – Emptiness

  15. Lakdawala – The Minimalist Collection

  16. Futura – Forever Futura

  17. WWAKE – Drop 1

  18. Eastcampgoods – Earth Candy

  19. Jana Rose – Nadara

  20. Imelda de Val – Ruta Brillante

  21. La luce – LA PRIMA

  22. Franny E. – TracEs

  23. A.M. Thorne – Pure 22k Collection

  24. Ethical Jewels by Gioielleria Belloni – Gold of Nine Brio

  25. Majoral – Simbol Ètic Safir

  26. Carole Chiotasso – Monjoie

  27. Minrl – AURA Silver

  28. Alex Monroe – Humble beginnings

  29. Rat Betty – The Wonky Flowers

  30. Dévé – Edition 1 – Rythmes Modernes – Chapter 1

  31. Dévé – Edition 1 – Rythmes Modernes – Chapter 2

  32. Greenwich Street Jewelers – Toi et Moi

  33. WWAKE – Wwake x Fairmined – Drop 2

  34. LUM – Constellations

  35. We Are Arrow – WeAreArrow x Fairmined

  36. Minrl – AURA Gold

  37. Karin Jacobson Design – Fairmined Gold and Ethical Gems Collection

  38. W.R. Metalarts – The Earth to Hand Solitaires

  39. Dorothée Rosen – Flow Series

  40. Michelle Pajak-Reynolds – Pleiades: Jewels Inspired by the Seven Sisters

  41. MYEL – Celeste

  42. Alex Monroe – The Diamond Library collection

  43. Ethical Jewels by Gioielleria Belloni – Brilliant

  44. Benjamin Szewczuk – Effet Mirror

  45.  Lebrusan Studio – Fancy Athena engagement rings
  46.  Malleable Jewelers – New collection
  47. Cosmos Circle JewelryAntik Qa
  48. Cosmos Circle Jewelry – Origin
  49. Bytomski Bytomska jewellery – Aqua Drops & Sunny Dots
  50. Ofrenda Jewelry – Unity Charms collection

Join the group of brands transforming artisanal and small-scale mining

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