Participate in the Fairmined standard 3.0

Participate in the Fairmined standard 3.0


If you are a miner, member of the gold industry, minerals expert, member of an NGO or general public interested in contributing to change through responsible consumption or artisanal and small-scale mining, we want to invite you to be part of the Fairmined standard revision.

Your knowledge will be essential to improve the standard, which will help us to continue working for the development of the mining communities and responsible supply chains.

We have created a renewed webpage where you can follow step by step the standard revision process.

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Fill out this form if you are interested in getting the latest news about the revision process and in participating in the public consultation of the Fairmined standard with your opinions (we will send you the survey when it is ready).

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The Fairmined Standard revision

The Fairmined standard is already a reference for driving change in the sector. Fairmined promotes, supports and guides ASM miners towards adopting best practices.

In the Alliance for Responsible Mining, creators of the Fairmined standard, we are committed to supporting the development of the sector and promoting gold responsibly mined in the market.

Thus, we are working on the third version of the standard, ensuring that it responds to the needs of all the actors involved, and that it generates real positive impacts in the lives of small-scale miners.

Get to know more about the Fairmined standard.

Soon, we will announce who will be part of the Fairmined revision committee, which will help us to create Fairmined standard v.3.

If you require more information or want to share with us your comments, please write us at