Origen Collective: a commitment to responsible jewellery

Origen Collective: a commitment to responsible jewellery

Photo credit: Medicus Mundi Mediterrània

Seven jewellery brands that work with Fairmined certified minerals, and the NGO Medicus Mundi Mediterrània, created in early 2020 in Barcelona, Spain, the “Colectivo Origen” (Origen Collective), to encourage ethical and responsible jewellery.

Adoro Mi Oro, Adriana Díaz Higuera, Emilie Bliguet Ethical Jewellery, ILFO Unique Ecojewels, Juia Jewels, Koetania, Majoral Joyas, and Teresa Estapé are the Spanish brands that belong to this collective.

A manifesto for a new ethical jewellery model

The Origen Collective has created its manifesto, in which they reassure their commitment to the creation of a new paradigm in the sector, based on a more ethical and aware production that respects human rights and the environment.

 “Working on jewelry in an ethical and sustainable form, as well as buying pieces made from this concept, also means to be part of responsible practices, with the contribution of everyone to stop human exploitation and the continuous contamination of the planet.”

Can jewellery be ethical and sustainable?

In order to answer this and many other questions, the Collective launched the handbook “Notes on Responsible Jewellery,” intended to provide information on good practices in the sector and demonstrate that it is possible to work with metals that are extracted in a responsible way.

The handbook includes the experiences that the jewellery brands have had with the Fairmined initiative, created by Alliance for Responsible Mining, as an alternative to develop an ethical jewellery, encouraging a positive transformation for small scale mining communities.

The call from this Collective is aimed towards making a collaborative network that shares the philosophy of looking for and implementing ethical alternatives for sustainable jewellery. Therefore, other brands and professionals of the sector are invited to join, in order to contribute with significant changes concerning extraction, production, and consumption practices in a more ethical way.

Currently, there are over 250 brands worldwide working with Fairmined certified metals, from small-scale mining organizations from Peru, Colombia, and Mongolia, which are developing good mining practices.