More Fairmined certified gold in Peru and Colombia!

More Fairmined certified gold in Peru and Colombia!

Two new artisanal and small-scale mining organizations (ASMO) are overcoming the challenges and achieve to comply with the “Year 0” requirements of the Fairmined Standard to be able to trade and sell responsibly mined Fairmined certified gold. With these two new ASMOs, already 10 mining organizations worldwide produce Fairmined Gold.

At the Alliance for Responsible Mining we are celebrating that the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector of Peru and Colombia becomes more responsible every day. In the first week of December, two mining organizations in these countries have obtained Fairmined Certification: Mina Chede from Cauca, Colombia; and Minera Artesanal San Luis from Ayacucho, Peru.

This was possible, above all, thanks to the miners’ efforts, their determination, motivation, and support.

“Many people in the world have started worrying more and more about how the goods they consume are produced. We decided to get this certification because we firmly believe that only an activity that takes into account all its surroundings (social, environmental, financial) deserves to be called mining. Nevertheless, what we are doing now could become mandatory in the future. For this reason, we want to tell all the miners who wish to follow this path: make it your decision today, don’t wait for it to be an obligation tomorrow”. Anny Jaramillo, Planning Director at Mina Chede.  

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible ASMOs; it guarantees that the production of Fairmined Gold is responsible and that it contributes to environmental protection as well as social and labor development. A mining organization is able to obtain Fairmined Certification once it has completed its formalization process, when it meets the “Year 0” requirements of the Fairmined Standard and having committed to continually improve their good mining practices.

The mining organization Minera San Luís (Peru) has obtained the certification thanks to the technical assistance and support of civil society organi<ations such as Solidaridad and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).

To this day, San Luis benefits around 200 people (members and workers), and approximately 250 families. During the certification and formalization process the organization provided their community with various projects like rural electrification, education support and healthcare improvement. Now, after reaching Fairmined Certification, the organization aims to double their production and export their product to international markets, thereby contributing to a responsible gold value chain.

Mina Chede (Colombia) also obtained the certification thanks to the constant efforts of their workers and the support by the Better Gold Initiative BGI* and ARM.

The 10 mining organizations with Fairmined Certification are distributed over 4 countries: 4 in Peru, 4 in Colombia, 1 in Bolivia and 1 in Mongolia. At present, Peru is the leader in the production of Fairmined certified gold.

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*BGI – is a project of the Swiss Cooperation (SECO) and the Swiss Better Gold Association (SBGA). For more information about the project visit: