In the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), we believe that it is important to let people know about our jewelers’ commitment to ethical and sustainable luxury as well as their contribution to the wellbeing of mining communities.  

That is why we created the #MyFavoriteFairminedJewelry social media campaign. We want to share the creations made from Fairmined metals and the inspirational stories behind them with the world.

We invite our Fairmined jewelers to participate in the #MyFavoriteFairminedJewelry social media campaign! 

How to participate?

  1. Choose your favorite or first (if you are new to the Fairmined Family) Fairmined jewelry piece. Prepare 1 to 3 attractive photos of the piece.
  2. Think about the story behind your Fairmined piece and prepare a short text.
  3. Share the pictures of your Fairmined pieces and the story behind it on your own social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), using the hashtag #MyFavoriteFairminedJewelry. Tag us at @fairminedofficial (Instagram) and @Fairmined (Twitter and Facebook) so that we can see your post and repost it in our own social networks.
  4. You can use the visuals from the campaign in your posts. Download them here.
  5. You can also use the hashtags: #GoldToBeProudOf and #FairminedFamily

The campaign will be active from September to December. During this time, we will be reposting your Fairmined jewelry and stories. 

A special incentive for participants

Additionally, 10 of the participating brands that use the hashtag #MyFavoriteFairminedJewelry and mention our Fairmined social networks, will have a special incentive: we will publish their Fairmined pieces and information about their brand in a Christmas edition news article, recommending your Fairmined jewelry to our global network. 

How will we choose the 10 brands for the Christmas news article?

During November we will publish the pictures from the campaign participants (without showing the name of the brand) on our social media accounts so that people can vote for their favorite. The 10 pictures with the highest votes will be featured in the article!

Winners will be announced on the 25th of November, 2019.