May virtual edit: flowers for mom

May virtual edit: flowers for mom

By: Laura Galvis – Market Development Responsible @ Fairmined Initiative

Una gran parte del mundo se encuentra celebrando durante este mes a las mamás, estas queridas e importantes personas que ocupan un lugar muy especial en nuestra vida. 

Para muchos de nosotros, conlleva una gran dedicación poder celebrarlas y sorprenderlas, y en esta idea he querido enfocar esta edición de nuestro Edit Virtual Fairmined: flores que duren para toda la vida.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for mom, this article is for you, as we prepared a great selection of unique flowers. These are some blooming options of jewelry creations from Fairmined licensed brands, flower and nature-inspired with a wide variety of styles, price ranges and techniques that I hope will captivate you (and your mother).


MAZAHRI: The Cosmos Ring

The Cosmos Ring is definitely a statement piece that will shine on its own. Made with 18k Fairmined gold in a variety of colorful gemstones with a center 2.5mm gemstone circled by eight floating gems, it is perfect to celebrate this blooming season and of course mom. This piece is inspired by motifs in Bactrian design, prominent in Afghan and other Central Asian designs that can be found on many hand-embroidered tapestries.

Mazahri is committed to sourcing all jewelry materials from artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) who earn fair wages and are subject to fair labor practices. Therefore, they work exclusively with Fairmined gold. The brand, based in California, seeks to share the beauty and magic of Afghan culture through the unique stories each of its pieces tells.


The beautiful shades of white from certified Fairmined silver bring life and movement to the Natural Flower Earrings. Dandling flowers, handmade by the designer herself, forged to create organic shapes and lightness, carefully assembled together inspired by the Art Nouveau style and with a delicate satin finish.

The French designer Emilie Bliguet creates unique bespoke pieces to celebrate the woman who wears them. Her atelier is based in Barcelona, where she creates mindful and poetic pieces using responsibly and ethically mined certified Fairmined metals.


A truly unique and romantic one-of-a-kind silk velvet choker, adorned with encrusted Canadian diamonds and delicate leaves and branches made of certified Fairmined gold. This masterpiece, part of a participating collection from the Fairmined 100 Challenge, was carefully crafted, entailing approximately 60 hours to be created by a single goldsmith, is an ideal piece for those who appreciate custom-made luxury. The gold pieces use three different shades of gold: light yellow gold for branches and yellow and pink gold for the leaves, adding beautiful hues to the choker. Inspired by the nineteen-teen aesthetic, this choker is dramatic and enchanting.

La Luce Gioielleria is an Italian jewelry brand based in Rimini. The brand’s consciousness implies ethical and sustainable decisions that impact all aspects of their business: working exclusively with Fairmined gold, producing locally and using renewable energy sources in their workshop.


The pendant is part of the TracEs collection, the brands first collection using Fairmined metals and a participating collection from the Fairmined 100 challenge. This golden pendant is made of 14k Fairmined certified gold and honors this metal, consisting of a hand-formed disc called tracelEts that are joined together to create 4 different variations of the pendant (using 5, 4, 3 or 2 tracelEts). For this edit, I chose the 5 tracelEt pendant that forms a flower-like shape.   

Franny E Jewelry is a Canadian studio run by a mother-daughter duo. The brand carries goldsmith’s heritage and makes all pieces by hand, perfect for those with appreciation for asymmetry and irregularity with contemporary designs.


The clustered Rosette Flourish collar is part of The Humble Beginnings Collection, a participating collection from the Fairmined 100 Challenge, inspired by the resilience and wonder of nature found in stark urban spaces. This vibrant necklace is a perfect example of the brand’s moto: nature inspired & English eccentricity, made by clustered flowers and sprouts of different sizes, that have been carefully shaped to achieve a natural look. A feminine and delicate but intricate piece, perfect to create a romantic look.

Alex Monroe is a brand that follows its designer’s South East London roots and is defined by its unique detail, character and craftsmanship. Since September 2021, all gold-plated jewelry made by the brand uses Fairmined certified gold.



The Petal Earrings are a pair of three-petal flower earrings that feature a ruby in the center. These stud earrings, rich in texture and color, are an easy-to-wear luxurious option, handcrafted in 14k Fairmined gold. Created literally out of the beauty of nature, casted from a leaf found at the beach in Saint Tropez in the South of France, these beautiful flowers are also available with blue sapphires.

Sandrine is a French-born and US-based jewelry designer who infuses spiritually into her creations and incorporates objects she collects during her travels to her designs. At her store, you will find several product lines made using Fairmined certified gold, such as The Petal earrings.




A representation of the diverse and beautiful flowers that are found all over the world, the Wonky Flower Chain is part of a participating collection from the Fairmined 100 challenge. The chunky flowers are created in 9k Fairmined gold and are made to order by the hand’s small team. A fun, playful, and bold design full of personality.

Rat Betty, based in Brighton, was named after the brand’s owner’s childhood pet and was born with the intention to create jewelry that she had never seen before, something that has recently switched to a motivation to make more sustainable choices. The brand uses Fairmined ecological gold as a source for their gold pieces.

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