The King’s Choice: the world’s first commemorative medal in Fairmined Gold

The King’s Choice: the world’s first commemorative medal in Fairmined Gold

More than 130 businesses from 20 countries are already working with Fairmined Gold, which is certified gold from responsible artisanal and small-scale mining. Most are from the jewelry sector, but now Fairmined Gold is entering the numismatic market. Samlerhuset and the Norwegian Mint launched the world’s first commemorative medal made of Fairmined certified gold providing collectors with the chance to support responsible artisanal and small-scale miners.

The Nobel Peace Prize 2015 was the world’s first medal made of Fairmined Gold, initiated by Samlerhuset and the Mint of Norway, who has been producing the medal since 1901. Inspired by this Samlerhuset and the Mint of Norway decided to make medals of responsibly mined gold from artisanal and small-scale mining available to the collectors market, thereby raising awareness on the issues in artisanal and small-scale mining in the numismatic sector and incentivizing more businesses to work with Fairmined Gold.

The special edition King’s Choice was developed in a partnership between Samlerhuset and the blockbuster movie King’s No to be presented at the film’s premiere. The movie deals with King Haakon VII’s refusal to surrender to Nazi German invaders in April 1940. The medal shows King Haakon VII’s silhouette looking out of the castle window where German warplanes fly over. The back shows an excerpt from the King’s famous speech in which he refuses to capitulate: “The Norwegian people’s freedom and independence are my first commandment.” The commemorative medal is struck in 99.9% pure gold with quality of proof at the Norwegian Mint at Kongsberg and is available as a limited edition of 500 pieces. The first batch was sold out immediately which shows that there is high interest in supporting labeled products with certified responsible gold. Click here to watch the video.

Samlerhuset is Europe’s biggest players in collectibles and the owner of the Norwegian Mint. With this initiative they are the first to set responsible gold on the agenda of the numismatic market, hoping for a breakthrough in this large industry which consists of more than 250 central banks. Thereby they hope to leverage on the industry’s potential and support to improve the working conditions for artisanal and small-scale miners worldwide.

“After being successful with the Nobel Peace Prize Medal being made of Fairmined Gold we hope for a breakthrough of the initiative. By launching the world’s first commemorative medal minted in responsibly mined gold we hope that the rest of the industry will soon follow”, says Ole Bjørn Fausa, founder and co-owner of Samlerhuset.

Early response to the Kings Choice medal has been successful, as consumers responded really well to purchasing a medal with Fairmined certified gold. Soon after the launch of the King’s Choice Medal Samlerhuset confirmed the launch of the first Fairmined certified gold medal in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Národná Pokladnica will offer its customers a quarter ounce gold medal which celebrates the 660th anniversary of the coronation of Charles IV., Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor. There is a great interest in using Fairmined certified gold to add even more value to their products and support responsible miners worldwide.

About Samlerhuset

Samlerhuset AS was established in 1994 and is one of Europe’s biggest players in collectibles and the owner of the Norwegian Mint in Kongsberg. It operates in 16 countries and mainly sells traditional collectibles such as coins, medals, stamps, banknotes and coin letters, and offers coins from national banks and mints from around the world. The company is 100% Norwegian-owned. Samlerhuset’s aim is to create pleasure among collectors.