Christmas is around the corner, time to celebrate with family and friends and to give presents to our loved ones. What better moment than this special date to offer jewels made of Fairmined gold? By buying Fairmined gold products, you are directly supporting change in the mining sector and generating new opportunities for mining communities around the world!

We created especially for you this list of 5 brands strongly committed to responsible sourcing and to the development of small-scale mining communities, which participated in the #MyFavoriteFairminedJewelry media campaign. Discover these creators and their favorite Fairmined Jewel.


Saskia Shutt. Brussels, Belgium

Saskia Shutt is a Belgian-British jewellery designer who creates bespoke pieces in Fairmined gold and silver. She works closely with her clients, to make their dreams come true.

Her unique work includes sculptural forms and natural gemstones. Each piece makes a striking and sophisticated statement about the wearer, as explained Saskia about these gorgeous cufflinks : “these are my favourite Fairmined jewellery because they were made for a customer who is a romantic at heart and they are just perfectly suited for him. I am proud that he chose to have them made in Fairmined precious metals”.



East Fourth Street. Minnesota, United States.

Susan Crow, founder of East Fourth Street, strongly believes that we need to preserve and restore our environment, not take away from it. Sustainability is the key in her design process.

Her jewelry is handmade with Fairmined metals and ethically sourced gemstones. She offers consumers clean and modern designed products while meeting high-standards in low-impact and environmentally conscious.

“This piece is special to us because it incorporates everything that is behind East Fourth Street – responsibly sourced Montana sapphires and Fairmined 18 carats gold”


Lebrusan Studio. London and Brighton, UK.

Arabel Lebrusan has an exceptional taste and an attention-to-detail talent. Visionary and creative, she is not only committed to beautiful jewelry, but also to sustainably and ethical precious metals and gemstones.

She chose to work with  Fairmined ecological gold in order to guarantee that her  gold was mined without the use of any toxic chemical in the extraction process.

“These beautiful little pieces are bespoke earrings we created back in 2017 for Estelle – our friend, fellow member of Fair and founder of consultancy and social venture Levin Sources.

Casting 18 carats Fairmined Ecological Gold and set with Estelle’s own opals, responsibly mined in Ethiopia, these unique earrings offer even more than initially meets the eye. The delicate, detailed frame means these jewels are kind on the eye from whichever angle they’re seen”.


Proud Maddison. Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada.

Its creations go beyond beautiful pieces of art: they support a one-woman metalsmith, local artists, and small communities of ethical miners worldwide. Its core values: conscious consumerism, slow fashion, mindful minimalism and fewer better things.

“I created the essential line in 14 carats Fairmined gold as a nod to the rough natural material in its original nugget form”.


Bytomsky / Bytomska. Warsaw, Poland.

It offers silver and gold jewellery, designed and made. Family goldsmiths duo – father and daughter – are working together in own workshop with over 45 years of tradition.

It is the first brand in Poland to be part of the Fairmined Family!

“We made those asymmetric clouds of 14 carats Fairmined gold and indicolites coming from responsible brasilian mine”.

Pictures taken from the brand’s social networks.