8 committed jewellery brands to celebrate this holiday season

8 committed jewellery brands to celebrate this holiday season

Christmas is coming! It is time to look for the best presents to surprise your loved ones, and jewels are a great option to show love and bring out smiles!

But finding the best piece of jewellery is not enough: You should also ask where the materials come from and make sure that they have been produced under conditions that respect people and the environment.

Discover 8 committed brands from different parts of the world that have chosen Fairmined and who are using certified metals extracted by miners working on a small scale, committed to good mining practices.

By buying jewellery made with Fairmined gold and silver, consumers are not only buying beautiful creations, but they are also helping to improve the living conditions of mining communities in Latin America and Asia.

Find your favourite designer and #ChooseFairmined for your gifts this holiday season!


Saskia Shutt Designs

Saskia fuses traditional and contemporary design to create beautiful and bespoke pieces of jewellery in her workshop in Brussels.

“I choose Fairmined because it supports small-scale artisan miners, fair wages, gender equality and the rehabilitation of native ecosystems”.

Instagram: Saskia Shutt Designs


Kafe Joyeros

Dynamic entrepreneurs from Bogota, they work 100% with Fairmined metals.

“For us, Fairmined means RESPECT for the treasures that the earth offers us, for the hands of those who extract those treasures, for each of the actors that are part of this supply chain who work together for the dream of promoting conscious consumption and generate positive social and environmental impact”.

Instagram: Kafejoyeros


Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt Jewellry 

Pioneer of the ethical jewellery movement,  Anna actively contributes to raising companies and consumers awareness about responsible sourcing. Her pieces of jewellery are handcrafted in Denmark by her and her goldsmiths. 

“I choose Farimined because I wish to support artisanal and small-scale miners and responsible mining. and give the best to my customers: the awareness that the precious metal is extracted in respect for people and nature”.

Instagram: Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt


Robin Paris

Cendrine Robin, a French entrepreneur, is the owner of Robin Paris. She creates unique pieces and bespoke designs using Fairmined certified gold and silver. Original creations designed and produced her workshop in Paris.

“Convinced that we must give an ethical sense to our mode of consumption, the jewelry is as much as possible made with Fairmined certified ethical metal which certifies the origin of the 18 karat gold and 925 silver”.

Instagram: Robin Paris 


Blancca is a young Fairmined ethical gold jewelry house which is committed to using only Fairmined  gold plating. Camille Mandrillon is the designer behind Blancca: passionate about creating ethical, sustainable and desirable jewelry. Its principles: freedom, ethical progress and connection to wild nature.

“By using Fairmined gold we aim at making a positive change in the jewelry industry. By choosing Fairmined gold jewelry you contribute to building a better world”

Instagram: Blancca


Bytomsky Bytomska

This jewellery was founded in 1973 by Bogumił Bytomski and today, the designs are made by him and his two daughters Julia Bytomska and Zuza. This is the first Polish jewellery brand to get its Fairmined license. They are inspired by nature to create unique pieces through their values: freedom and independence. 

“We choose Fairmined because besides it actually helps others: a specific artisanal small-scale miners community, it can also make people smile”.

Instagram: Bytomsky Bytomska


Lebrusan Studio

Arabel Lebrusan is the founder of Lebrusan Studio. This plastic artist and award-winning jewellery designer uses Fairmined ecological gold for her creations. Her pieces involve traditional artisanship, beautiful ethics and a distinctive mix of cultural, historical and aesthetic inspirations.

“We rest safe in the knowledge that our Fairmined Ecological Gold was mined responsibly, with the welfare of the mining communities and the environments in which they live the utmost priority. This means we can create beautiful forever jewels, like this bespoke engagement ring here, that can be worn with pride, untarnished by malpractice or injustice”.

Instagram: Lebrusan Studio

United States

Futura Jewelry

Futura Jewelry is a brand based in New York working with Fairmined ecological gold and collaborates with jewelry historians to create legendary designs, inspired in ancient countries traditions such as India and Rome.  

“You are a changemaker because when you understand the power of your choices everything aligns. By choosing Fairmined ecological gold for your jewelry you are also choosing the planet, small-scale miners, and yourself!”

Instagram: Futura Jewelry