Iquira mining organization: an example that responsible mining is possible

Iquira mining organization: an example that responsible mining is possible

In the municipality of Iquira, between the mountains of the department of Huila (Colombia), there is one of the small mining organizations in Colombia that has become a benchmark for good mining practices in the country. It is the Cooperativa Multiactiva Agrominera of the Municipality of Íquira, the mining organization in Colombia with the longest time to be certified with the Fairmined Standard. 

In 2014, this mining organization was certified with the Fairmined Standard. Since then, almost 7 years have passed in which partners and workers have demonstrated with commitment and dedication, that conducting small-scale mining with respect for people and protection of the environment is possible.

In 2021, an external auditor approved its recertification with this Standard, for the sixth consecutive year. This is an important milestone, since maintaining the certification over years means a great effort that requires money and time to improve its mining practices, ensure the well-being of its workers and support the community.

These are some of the achievements that this mining organization has achieved during its years of being certified:

  • Total elimination of the use of mercury in accordance with the terms established in Colombian regulations.
  • Inclusion of more environmentally friendly practices such as new technologies in mineral processing plants and water recirculation processes to avoid excessive consumption.
  • Adequate management of sterile material (rock waste without mineral) for maintenance of the local road network.
  • Adoption of safer mining practices due to constant strengthening of human resources, internal and external improvement of mine openings, and constant acquisition and renewal of personal protection elements.
  • Generation of employment for the inhabitants of the municipality and well-being for their families.
  • Constant implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  • Support in health, cultural and recreational issues in your community.

At the Alliance for Responsible Mining, we congratulate the Cooperativa Multiactiva Agrominera of the Municipality of Íquira for its work year after year and for its efforts to maintain its certification until today. You are an inspiration to other mining organizations and an example that with the right incentives, small-scale mining can be done in a way that is respectful to people and the environment.

Learn more about the history of this mining organization here.

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