First Fairmined jewelry exhibition in New York City

First Fairmined jewelry exhibition in New York City

Everyone with an interest in ethically sourced metals will have the chance to see Fairmined Gold and Silver on display when Ethical Metalsmiths (EM) hosts its first large-scale exhibit of jewelry made by its members and supporters. The exhibition and auction Gardens of Gold runs from April 7-11 at Linhardt Design in New York. The exhibition features eight North American jewelers working in Fairmined certified metals. Parallel to this event, Fairmined will be represented at the Fifth Annual IAC Gold Conference and will also host an informative session on Fairmined for interested jewelers.

“Fairmined is fully traceable and represents fair wages, active environmental protections, no child labor and a beautiful commitment by artisanal miners to model best practices in artisanal mining internationally. EM supported jewelers in their pioneering choice to source from Aurelsa, a Fairmined certified mine in Peru, marking Aurelsa’s first export to the US. Today more and more artisanal mining communities are being certified internationally and we are proud to exhibit a selection of pieces made by N. American Fairmined licensees.” Said Christina Miller – E.D. at Ethical Metalsmiths.

Worldwide around 100 million people depend on artisanal mining for their livelihoods. Fairmined Gold and Silver comes from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations that have been certified under the Fairmined Standard – created by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) to support sustainable development in artisanal mining communities. Artisanal mining is regularly associated with negative images of environmental problems or child labor but the activity presents great opportunities for development in mining communities if practiced responsibly. As producers of Fairmined Gold and Silver, miners are empowered to secure a future for themselves and their families and change the negative perception of artisanal miners.

“Fairmined is gold that everyone can be proud of – from the miner to the customer” said Conny Havel, Fairmined Marketing Coordinator at the Alliance for Responsible Mining. “We are thrilled to see the increasing interest in responsible sourcing in the industry and to be here to spread the word on the responsible artisanal miners who work hard to make a change in their communities.”

The Alliance for Responsible Mining has experienced an increasing demand for Fairmined metals in the past years and has teamed up with Ethical Metalsmiths to spread awareness on responsible supply chains and increase the availability of Fairmined metals for all businesses interested in working with a source of gold to be proud of in the United States. The Gardens of Gold exhibition of Fairmined jewelry is one of the events where responsible sourcing will be a hot topic. Fairmined will also be represented in panel discussions at the Fifth Annual IAC Gold Conference on April 10th and host its own introductory event “Where does your gold come from? Introducing Fairmined Gold” at the Fashion Institute of Technology on Saturday 11th of April.