Peru: Since 2014, more than 1,2 Fairmined gold Tons sold

Peru: Since 2014, more than 1,2 Fairmined gold Tons sold

Additionally, certified mining organizations in Peru have received over 4,4 million dollars in Fairmined premium that have been used to invest on improving mining organizations, the well-being of their employees and communities, as well as the implementation of better practices that protect the environment.

Numbers: Direct actors of ARM projects in Peru since 2017 

1346 men and women miners.

2 groups of women miners (Asociación San Francisco de Cerro Lunar, and Asociación Divinas en Brillo de oro) with approximately 42 women.

4 small scale mining organizations certified with the Fairmined standard

9 mining organizations have been accompanied to develop their improvement plan.

IMPACT: Achievements towards compliance of Sustainable Development Goals

The work of Alliance for Responsible Mining with Fairmined certified mining organizations and groups of mining women in Peru, has focused on encouraging better mining practices, facilitate access to formal markets and develop a responsible artisanal and small scale mining.

Get to know some of the achievements so far:

Establish the first national 100% Fairmined supply chain with gold produced, commercialized, molten and transformed into jewelry in Peru.

Sustainable Development Goal: Responsible production and consumption




Encourage good mining practices by certified organizations, which leads to be more environmentally responsible. The Francisco Uno Concession from CECOMIP and FADE-I Concession from Oro Puno stopped using mercury and included gravimetric technology.

Sustainable Development Goals: Life on land, and Good Health and Well-being. 


Accompany women miners in their empowerment and identify and encourage businesses additional to mining.

Sustainable Development Goal: Gender equality, reduced inequalities 




Encourage formality with labor contracts,

salaries not under the minimum established by law, fair prices and Access to social security.

Sustainable Development Goal: no poverty, reduced inequalities, decent work and economic growth.



Besides, certified mining organizations and “pallaqueras” (mining women) have been supported during 2020 in the region of Puno (Peru) in aspects of health and safety to mitigate the impact caused by Covid-19.

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