THE FAIRMINED VIRTUAL EDIT: The undeniable symbol of love

THE FAIRMINED VIRTUAL EDIT: The undeniable symbol of love


By: Laura Galvis, Fairmined Account Manager at the Alliance for Responsible Mining

The first edition of our virtual edit is here right on time for Valentine’s day and with it, we want to celebrate the undeniable symbol of love: the engagement ring. This statement and recognizable piece can be a lot greater in significance and history when there is a beautiful story about the positive transformation of artisanal mining communities behind it. Let’s continue to dream on with this beautiful selection of 7 diamond engagement rings that can be as unique or classic as the love story behind it

One of a Kind Shield Diamond Monolith Ring – WWAKE


This unique and stackable design highlights the gold and the diamond and lets each of them shine with light of their own. It features a shield step-cut reclaimed and modified diamond, set in a wide yellow gold band. The One of a Kind Shield Diamond Monolith Ring is part of the capsule collection created by the US brand WWAKE to participate and proudly celebrate the Fairmined 100 Challenge. The collection consists of three unique reclaimed and modified diamond rings set on wide 14k solid Fairmined gold bands.
WWAKE is among the first 20 participants of the challenge which has the purpose of launching 100 collections made in Fairmined gold by August 2022.The brand has been a licensed brand of the Fairmined initiative since 2016.

Aether – Horizon Double Diamond Ring

The horizon double diamond ring is part of the “All things aether” collection, inspired by the airy origin of diamonds. This ring creates a perfectly asymmetrical balance by featuring two pear-shaped diamonds mirrored by a unique band with bezel round and baguette diamonds. For this Virtual Edit the ring is featured in white Fairmined gold setting, but like most of their pieces it is also available in yellow and pink Fairmined gold. This is an option for a delicate and statement multiple-diamond engagement ring
Created by the New York-based brand AETHER, a Fairmined licensed brand since 2020 that works exclusively with Fairmined gold. 

Horizon double diamond ring -AETHER

The brand is on its way to becoming a carbon-negative company through the world’s first positive-impact diamonds that are created with the commitment to remove 20 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere for every 1-carat diamond they sell.

Tiered steps ring – DANA BRONFMAN

Dana Bronfman – Tiered Steps Ring with Emerald Cut Diamond:

Bold and full of shape, this ring perfectly represents the designer’s aesthetics, features an Emerald cut diamond center stone on top of a hammered textured gold band which is sprinkled with diamond sparks. The ring represents the steps on the journey of love, combines the step cuts from the diamond with a step-shaped setting made in 18k yellow Fairmined gold.

This ring is made by the New York-based designer Dana Bronfman best known for her “quietly bold” aesthetic. The designer has been a licensed brand of the Fairmined initiative since 2016 and uses Fairmined certified gold in all of her one-of-a-kind and colored gemstone pieces, and some select pieces from her signature collection.

MYEL – Theory 1 Ring in Fairmined Gold with lab grown Diamonds

Inspired by the three components of love according to American psychologist Robert Sternberg: intimacy, passion, and commitment. This ring features the symbology in its subtle shape: three facets in a half-hexagon shape, encrusted with four princess-cut lab-grown diamonds. This is a minimal and stackable engagement ring alternative, full of significance. The ring is exclusively available in 14k Fairmined yellow gold and is locally produced by skillful traditional goldsmiths in Montreal by the Fairmined licensed brand MYEL. It is 1 of 29 rings that make up the brand’s first collection in Fairmined metals launched in 2021: The Fairmined Collection, a collection that celebrates the purity of a single band in the purity of the material.  And this is part of the brand’s commitment to achieving 100% traceability for all of its products in the very near future.

Theory 1 Ringring -MYEL


Paulette à Bicyclette – Lucia pavée – diamants, 4 griffes

The Lucia pavée features a round lab-grown diamond in pave setting, accompanied by 8 diamonds surrounding half of the band. The setting is a timeless design, made of 18k white Fairmined gold. This more classic style solitaire engagement model can be completely personalized with different colors of Fairmined gold or colored diamonds and gemstones.

This beautiful and classic ring is a creation of Paulette a Bicyclette, a Paris-based brand that has been an active member of the Fairmined initiative since 2014 and due to their ongoing commitment to ethical jewelry and responsibly sourced materials, the brand was one of the first French Fairmined licensed brand.


Edgy and geometrical, the Fluted Split Ring represents all of the Ancient Egyptian iconography that inspires the French brand and its name. The ring features TEJEN´s distinctive up-side-down princess cut center stone that creates the perfect spike, surrounded by four baguette diamonds which brings dept, light, and the illusion of a larger stone. Both sides of the split setting, made in 18k yellow gold, are topped with pave diamonds.

The masterful French brand TEJEN, works exclusively with Fairmined gold since 2016 in all of their designs, this is part of the brand’s quest for the highest quality and their belief that luxury should contribute to preserving the beauty and rarity of the planet.

Split ring -TEJEN

Talon Claw pear diamond solitaire – WE ARE ARROW

We Are Arrow – Talon Claw Pear Diamond Solitaire

The classic solitaire with a twist, this beautiful solitaire features a pear-shaped salt and pepper diamond, along with a textured Fairmined setting that brings a unique and edgy look to the all-time classic. The six pinted prongs setting has been delicately and beautifully crafted and sculpted in 18k yellow Fairmined gold sourced from the mines of Iquira in Colombia.

This one-of-a-kind ring was made by WE ARE ARROW, a London based Fairmined brand since 2019. The brand designs some special pieces in Fairmined gold and also offers certified Fairmined metals for custom orders.

Check out more information about the Fairmined 100 challenge or send an email to 

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