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Fairmined & Fairtrade certified gold recognized by the Central Bank of Luxembourg

Fairmined & Fairtrade certified gold recognized by the Central Bank of Luxembourg

The initial creators of the Fairmined & Fairtrade standard long dreamed of partnering with a central bank to launch a commemorative gold coin made with gold from artisanal and small-scale mining.

After collaborating with Fairtrade Luxembourg for several years, the dream is being realized today by the launch of a commemorative coin carrying both the Fairmined label and the Fairtrade label. The gold used for the coins comes from the certified mining organisations AURELSA and SOTRAMI. Throughout the history of mankind, coins have symbolically represented gold’s role in the global economic order. The miners are proud of this new achievement, because, through this coin launched in one of the financial capitals of the world their work is being recognized; not only for its economic value but also for the social and environmental value it generates.

“Artisanal and small-scale mining is an activity that often takes place under very difficult and dangerous conditions” said Manuel Reinoso, mining leader and Vice President of ARM. “ The Fairmined Certification is a real opportunity to overcome the existing extreme poverty and it allows us to transform our reality doing sustainable and responsible mining while improving the quality of life in our communities. “

Today Rosa Reyes, manager of the AURELSA Company will be received by the Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and will bear witness to the struggle of so many men and women miners in the world. We are happy that the Fairmined certification mark can be a vehicle for opportunity for Rosa and miners around the world.

We want to thank everyone who have been part of realizing this new achievement: the Central Bank of Luxembourg, Fairtrade Luxembourg, the Grand Ducal Palace of Luxembourg, S & P Trading, AURELSA, SOTRAMI and Red Social.

Facts on the gold coins


  175th anniversary of Luxembourg’s independence

Edition 2.500 units
Metal 99,9% gold
Characteristics Ø 20 mm – 6,22 gr (1/5 oz) -> | <1,4 mm
Face Value

175 Euro

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