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Fairever Becomes Member of EPRM, a Milestone in Their Commitment to Responsible Gold

Fairever, an authorized supplier of Fairmined precious metals, has become a member of the European Partnership for Responsible Minerals (EPRM) initiative. This significant achievement highlights Fairever’s steadfast dedication to responsible and sustainable practices in all of its operations.

EPRM is an internationally recognized alliance comprising industry leaders, NGOs, and governments, all united in their mission to promote responsible gold mining practices and address environmental and social risks within the gold supply chain.

Through its EPRM membership, Fairever will have access to a network of like-minded organizations, experts, and resources, further strengthening its efforts to drive positive change within the gold industry.

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By aligning with industry experts and stakeholders, Fairever aims to contribute to developing innovative solutions and best practices that promote responsible gold, which fosters environmental conservation, social development, and economic empowerment.

Florian Harkort, founder of Fairever, expresses his enthusiasm for the company’s inclusion in the EPRM network: “Becoming a member of EPRM is a significant milestone for us. We are proud to join forces with other industry leaders who share our vision of a sustainable and ethical gold supply chain. Through our membership, we hope to drive positive change, make responsible mining a global standard, and ensure the well-being of the environment and the communities involved.”

An Achievement That Makes Us All Proud

The Fairmined team and the Alliance for responsible mining celebrate this achievement of Fairever and highlight that their commitment leads them to create strong relationships with their stakeholders, including the mines from which they purchase precious metals. “I have shared trips to visit mines with Florian and Desirée where I’ve seen their way of turning each connection with mines and stakeholders in the sector into clear actions and paths to greater objectives. They look for the well-being and greater impact for the communities, we are very happy for the Fairever team” says Olga Rojas, communications officer for the Fairmined Initiative.

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