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Congratulations to Cruz Pata and Oro Puno for their commitment!

Congratulations to Cruz Pata and Oro Puno for their commitment!

Mining Organizations Committed to Responsible Practices

Thanks to their efforts and dedication, Cruz Pata Chaquiminas mining organization received the Fairmined standard certification and Oro Puno mining organization achieved the Fairmined ecological recertification.

Cruz Pata Chaquiminas

This mining organization, located in the Ananea district, Peru at about 4,650 meters above sea level, achieved its Fairmined certification in March 2020.

Implementing best working practices, proper waste and gold recovery materials disposal, administrative management and export skills were some of the improvements that the organization made to obtain this certification.

“We want to sell our gold at a fair price and obtain the Fairmined premium to help our community”: Agustín Pachari, Head of the Mining Project.

Learn more about the commitment of this mining organization here:

Oro Puno

The Oro Puno mining organization received the Fairmined standard certification for the first time in 2018. Meeting the strict requirements of the standard, the organization made important efforts to recertify under the Fairmined ecological gold seal in April 2020. This is to certify that the mining organization does not use mercury or cyanide in its gold extraction process.

The above means that Oro Puno is the first Peruvian mining organization in the sector to obtain the Fairmined Ecological Gold Certification since 2018.

Learn about the benefits that Oro Puno has obtained with the Fairmined premium here:

Decertification of the San Luis Mining Organization

The Fairmined certification of the Minera Artesanal San Luis SA expired as of March 31, 2020. The mining organization has focused on overcoming major challenges in the implementation of new equipment for mineral processing, in order to have complete autonomy in the gold extraction process. For this reason, they could not meet the required dates for the audit, causing their decertification.

The Fairmined certification is a progressive path that requires constant effort and dedication. The Alliance for Responsible Mining is committed to supporting small-scale and artisanal mining organizations to improve responsible mining practices.

In the case of the San Luis mining organization, we truly hope that they will overcome their pending issues and promptly obtain the Fairmined Certification along with its benefits again.

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