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How Fairmined Gold helps brands achieve B Corp Certification

By Victoria Waugh- Founder of V&V Sustainability Consultancy and Considered Jewellery

Whilst Fairmined certification focuses on gold mining and the traceability of metal through a brand’s supply chain, B Corp offers a complimentary scheme looking at a company’s overarching working practices including things like governance, stakeholder engagement, employee wellbeing, charitable giving and community engagement.

Originating in the US in 2006, B Corp certification provides businesses with a framework to review and improve the way they work, compare their activities against others, and boost sustainability credentials.

Certified B Corporations are therefore companies verified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability across their whole operation.

To meet certification requirements businesses must achieve a minimum 80-point score during their assessment.  Points are accrued in recognition of responsible working practices, for example having robust policies in place, promoting diversity and inclusion, using renewable energy, and supporting local businesses. Brands going beyond operational improvements, to deliver a positive impact for their wider community, achieve the highest scores. 

Working with Fairmined Gold means a brand is committed to delivering a positive impact for artisanal mining communities and B Corp recognizes this as an ‘impact business model’.  The greater a brand’s commitment to Fairmined gold, the more points are accrued.  So, committing to source solely Fairmined gold for your jewellery collections rewards your brand with a higher B Corp score.


Photo courtesy of Anuka Jewellery, brand that is also a Fairmined Initiative licensed brand.

Cheshire based, Anuka Jewellery, certified with a score of 108 – well above average.  This is partly thanks to the brand’s commitment to certified Fairmined metals.  Founder, Francesa Kippax, said ‘B Corp has not only validated the hard work put into ANUKA, including sourcing Fairmined Gold for our pieces, but pushes us to keep moving forward with clear goals whilst being recognised globally as a business that meets the highest standards.’

Whilst achieving B Corps requirements can take a business several years, choosing to use certified artisanal metals in your jewellery is a major step towards certification.

Victoria Waugh is founder of V&V Sustainability Consultancy and Considered Jewellery, and is a B Leader supporting jewellery brands and suppliers to become B Corp certified.  

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