CECOMIP stops using mercury in Francisco Uno Concession

CECOMIP stops using mercury in Francisco Uno Concession

The Concesión Francisco Uno from Central de Cooperativas Minero Metalúrgicas Puno Limitada (Puno Ltd. Mining and Metallurgic Cooperative Central) – CECOMIP Ltda., achieved their Fairmined standard recertification for the third year in a row after an auditing process with an external and independent entity.

This mining organization is the first alluvial mine in the world to obtain the certification with the Fairmined standard (since 2016).

One of the greatest achievements of Francisco Uno Concession from CECOMIP on its path towards ethical mining is that they stopped using mercury for their gold extraction and collection processes at the end of 2019.

For Rony Molina, president of the mining organization, the achievement of not using mercury for gold extraction by Francisco Uno Concession shows their commitment as an organization that cares about the environment, and their interest to work on accomplishing time sustainability for their associates, employees, and population in general.

In order to achieve all of the above, CECOMIP implemented two gravimetric tables in their extraction processes, and they are installing an eco-friendly pilot plant, an important practice in the region given the use of clean technologies with a high gold collection.

Thanks to the renewed certification, this mining organization will be able to continue exporting regular, certified, responsibly-extracted gold.

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Mining organizations get an extension of their Fairmined Certification

The mining organizations Cecomip, Oro Puno, and Cruz Pata in Peru; and La Unión and Íquira in Colombia obtained an extension of their Fairmined Certification for 4 additional months to their previous certification from the independent auditing firm. That because the mining organizations were forced to suspend their activities during this approximate period of time due to the national quarantines facing the emergency of Covid-19. 

The Alliance for Responsible Mining, as owner of the Fairmined standard, agreed to offer this benefit to mining organizations so they can enjoy the benefits of the certification for the time granted initially and thus mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic in their operations.

In addition, ARM accepted that the firms may perform remote annual audits in places where it is not possible to do it physically because of national regulations, or in case the safety of the actors might be in jeopardy.

It is important to remember that mining organizations must go through annual external audits in which progressive requirements are assessed in order to achieve a renewed Fairmined standard certification.