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CECOMIP mining organization achieves the Fairmined Ecological Gold certification

CECOMIP mining organization achieves the Fairmined Ecological Gold certification

Puno, Peru – February 2022

CECOMIP  (Central de Cooperativas Minero Metalúrgicas de Puno), a mining organization in Puno, Peru obtained the Fairmined Ecological Gold certification, which means that its gold is now being produced without using any harmful chemicals such as mercury. It implies that Cecomip moved up to the highest level in the environmentally responsible precious metals category. Such an important achievement was possible thanks to the implementation of clean technologies and  elimination of mercury in its operations. 

Founded in 2005, CECOMIP was the first ASMO in Peru to earn the Fairmined certification in 2016, and in August 2021, after a 6-year process and multiple joint efforts, they obtained the Fairmined Gold Ecological certification, which represents a greater recognition in the market strengthening its position as an artisanal small-scale mining organization model in the country. Now the organization will increase its efforts to protect and restore native ecosystems and undertake the requirements established by the Alliance for Responsible Mining for this category. The organization will also receive a higher Fairmined premium per kilogram of gold sold, an economic incentive that can help them to improve its techniques and have a positive impact on the community through investments for the benefit of people.

Members and associates of the Mining organization Cecomip


In 2020, CECOMIP’s Francisco Uno mining concession eliminated the use of mercury and put in place a processing plant using less water and no fuel. Also, revegetation has already started at the mines sites as well as the implementation of active organic waste compost and effective solid waste disposal plans.

For the past six years in a row, the organization has received the Fairmined premium which has been invested in improving miners’ working conditions and opportunities for their families and communities. See the 2020 Fairmined Premium report here.

CECOMIP performs alluvial gold mining, which means that gold is extracted from streambed deposits. A shaking table is now used to concentrate mineral grains by gold density.

Alliance for Responsible Mining’s territory team and associates of the Mining organization Cecomip

“We have received the Fairmined premium, which is a great reward for us, and we plan to use it for the social development of our community” said Andrés Cortina, CECOMIP Technical Advisor.

Apart from working on mine improvement plans and certification processes, the Fairmined initiative also certifies gold suppliers and jewelry brands. The objective here is to promote the sustainable development of artisanal and small-scale mining organizations (ASMOs) and provide them access to ethical gold markets. Organizations like CECOMIP understand sustainability as the way to move forward in its economic activity. This achievement has improved the quality of life of 200 men and women miners and their families, helping to generate employment and protect the environment and human rights.

“This process at CECOMIP, has been an outstanding growth process. As always, we will give them all our support to keep them on this path and make them stronger every day. I seize this opportunity to call on all ASM mines to come forward, join ARM and build together this new era of responsible gold”, said Marcin Piersiak, Alliance for Responsible Mining’s Europe Director.

Las Divinas Brillos de Oro, Cecomip’s jewelry workshop leaded by Gold panners women.


From the very beginning, CECOMIP has shown interest in taking on challenges proposed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining to mines willing to join responsible mining. Challenges that seek to solve the most frequent problems in artisanal and small-scale mining by implementing good mining practices, preserve the environment, guarantee fair payment to workers, and empower mining communities.  Also CECOMIP has been working on the social transformation via projects for gender equity, child protection, education and human rights. In 2018, they created Las divinas a jewelry workshop leaded by CECOMIP’s women gold panners, to design and sell their own creations with the gold they extract. Also the first in 2021  CECOMIP’s gender equity committee was created to close the gender gap in the organization. A real example of small scale mining a with SDG’s vision.

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