In the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), we are pleased to report that, to date, 2 artisanal and small-scale mining organizations (ASMO) located in Peru have been recertified with the Fairmined Standard: Oro Puno S.A. mining company (Empresa Minera Oro Puno S.A.) and CECOMIP -Central metallurgical mining cooperatives of Puno Ltda– (Central de cooperativas minero metalúrgicas de Puno Ltda) – creating a total of 8 mining organizations with Fairmined Certification.

The path towards formalization and responsible mining practices is a great challenge for the ASMO, who strive to improve gradually to transform themselves and achieve positive impacts on their organizations and communities. The ASMO go through rigorous auditing processes; initially to obtain the Fairmined Certificate for the first time and, subsequently, to recertify annually. These audits guarantee the progressive improvement of good mining practices, as indicated by the Standard.

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ORO PUNO S.A. MINING COMPANY (Empresa Minera Oro Puno S.A.)

The Oro Puno S.A. Mining Company of alluvial mining, obtained their Fairmined Ecological Gold Certification for the second consecutive year. It is the first Peruvian ASMO in the sector to obtain the Fairmined *Ecological Gold Certification, that is, neither mercury nor cyanide is used in their extraction and production process.

Committed to the extraction of Ecological Gold for its second year of certification, Oro Puno has advanced in environmental management and monitoring plans for the air, noise, water, soil, and flora and fauna.

THE CENTRAL METALLURGICAL MINING COOPERATIVES OF PUNO LTDA. (CECOMIP) (Central de cooperativas minero metalúrgicas de Puno Ltda)

The Central Metallurgical Mining Cooperatives of Puno LTDA. (CECOMIP) was certified for the first time under the Fairmined Standard in 2016. This made it the first gold alluvial mining organization in the world to obtain the Fairmined Certification.

In 2019, the auditing firm in charge approved their recertification for the third consecutive year. To achieve this, CECOMIP worked to improve its practices; the main challenges that CECOMIP faced were those related to job security, accident and training records, the first aid program and the description and records of the Fairmined System of Production.

The recertification of CECOMIP demonstrates their commitment to the responsible production of minerals, which complies with environmental and social regulations. Their achievements and progressive improvements prove that through work and perseverance, it is possible to positively transform the quality of life of their workers and the community.

To obtain more information about the recertified mining organizations, send an email to arm@responsiblemines.org


Due to the demanding requirements of the Fairmined Standard, not all the ASMO achieve certification or recertification, because it takes constant investment and dedication to maintaining the high level of compliance with responsible mining practices. This was the case with 3 ASMOs: Aurífera Yani R.L Mining Cooperative (Bolívia), who failed to comply with the commercial requirements of the Standard; Xamodx (Mongolia), because they need to improve their health and safety conditions at work; and La Cascada Mining Organization, which for internal reasons decided not to continue with the Certification.