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Zdenka Kerdova

Zdenka Kerdova

Marketing Manager at Samlerhuset Group

I have been working for Samlerhuset Group for 9 years. Starting as a Junior Product Manager for Slovak branch of the company, I have later moved to various positions mainly focusing on Product Management, Leadership and Marketing Management. Mainly during my numerous business travels, I had a continuous opportunity to learn about the coin industry while building up decent relationships with key colleges across the group, partners and suppliers.

After 7 years working for mainly Slovak, but also Czech market, I have moved to Budapest, Hungary, to continue my work as Marketing Manager. In 2019, after 6 months in the Budapest office, I have been offered a position of Country Manager that I perform till today.

Being involved into product development through all of these years, I developed the first Fairmined gold medal for Czech and Slovak companies back in 2016. After the big success we experienced with sales, I also had an opportunity to represent CEE countries during Samlerhuset visit in Columbia. Part of the six days long trip we had a chance to visit La Llanada and Iquira.

Through listening to the development miners experienced in their professional and private life after the improvements introduced by ARM and visiting the mines with proper explanations of implemented changes, we got an exceptional understanding of the impact we are able to make by extending activities dedicated to Fairmined gold.