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Sergio Rios Molina

Sergio Rios Molina

Nicaragua Mining Chamber

Sergio Ríos Molina is passionate about sustainable community economic development. Sergio has more than 20 years of experience contributing to the mining sector in Central America and the Caribbean as an investor, director of international operations, former president of the Nicaraguan Mining Chamber (CAMINIC).

As president and member of the Nicaraguan Mining Chamber (CAMINIC), he has led the creation of the Central American and Caribbean Mining Federation (FMCC) and its incorporation into the CCIE (Consultative Committee for Economic Integration), the International Mining Congress, the strategic vision of Mining for All, which integrates the approach of the different actors involved in the mining sector and the first mining master’s degree in the country with a Nicaraguan university.

In 2008, it was started the conceptualization of the first artisanal mining model in Nicaragua (Model for the Development and Development of Artisanal Mining) which is based on 4 axes: ordering and legalization, the development of technical capacities of the artisanal miners, best environmental practices, safety and health at work and the creation of exclusive processing facilities for artisanal mining to eliminate and eliminate the use of mercury. All this with the aim of transforming artisanal mining into a sustainable activity. Said model works with more than 10,000 artisanal miners in Nicaragua currently.