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Robert Donofrio

Robert Donofrio

Futura Jewelry's founder

As a trained electrical engineer and businessman, Bob spent the first ten years of his career working with consumer goods company Colgate Palmolive. The last four of those years were spent living in Italy and culminated with his position as Controller. He then spent more than 30 years helming business for creative jewelry, watch, and fashion brands including, Bulgari, Asprey & Garrard and Roberto Cavalli. During this time he also consulted for many luxury jewelry brands. About 31/2 years ago Bob discovered unforgivable truths about gold mining for jewelry production.

He responded by committing to true luxury by:

  • Assembling a liberating challenger jewelry brand with modern values – Futura Jewelry.
  • Joining the United Nations Global Mercury Partnership
  • Linking consumer demand to the clean gold supply chain

And choosing to use only Fairmined Ecological gold to hand craft all his jewelry and spearhead efforts to create worldwide consumer demand for clean gold jewelry using mercury free gold.