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Manuel Reinoso

Manuel Reinoso

Member of the Board of Directors at the Alliance for Responsible Mining

Manuel is a Peruvian artisanal miner since 1993. In 1999 he became a shareholder of the mining Enterprise La Victoria S.A. becoming general manager in 2001. That same year he worked alongside other miners and organizations in the drafting of a law project for the formalization of Artisanal mining in Peru.

With the support of international cooperation, he helped to organize the first artisanal miners’ encounter gathered in the city of Arequipa, where he was elected president of the Coordinating Commission of Artisanal Miners of the Mid-south.

Manuel, and other leaders from Puno and Madre de Dios regions in Peru, were key actors for passing the law 27651 of Formalization and Promotion of Small Scale and Artisanal Mining.

In July of 2002, he assumed the presidency of the Regional Association of Artisanal Miners Producers of the Mid-south and Center of Peru, AMASUC.

In 2006, he was part of the committee which revised the Fairmined standard.

Since 2009, he is part of the board of directors at ARM.