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Florian Harkort

Florian Harkort

Trader and owner of Fairever

Florian is a sustainable development professional by heart and education. After his studies of Agricultural Economics in Stuttgart, Germany, he worked with GIZ in development cooperation in Ethiopia and later co-founded an online platform for unique responsible travel activities & tours.

In 2015 he started his next venture, Fairever, the pioneer trading company in Germany to focus on precious metals from responsible artisanal & small-scale mining organizations (ASMO). The company sources directly from artisanal and small-scale mining organizations in Peru, Colombia and Mongolia.

Fairever offers fine gold & silver, a range of semi-finished products as well as investment gold bars. Due to his daily work, Florian is familiar with the Fairmined Standard as well as the Fairtrade Standard for Gold and is happy to contribute to the advancement of the standards. His greatest motivation is to experience the sustainable development of the mining communities at first hand during his visits.

Florian lives in Leipzig with his wife and three kids.