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Ana Sierra

Ana Sierra

Founder and creative director of ModaElan

Ana Sierra is founder and creative director of ModaElan, an ethical and handmade jewelry platform, a Fairmined licensed brand since 2017.

After a two-decade corporate career in local and multinational organizations, Ana has been dedicated to the development of high-value markets to drive sustainable growth, with prosperity for the jewelry supply chain in Colombia.

Moda Elan intertwines stories from the origin, in the remote areas of Colombia, to the hearts of those who prefer and value handmade ethical jewelry.

In a country whose territory continues to be devastated by the illegal exploitation of gold, Ana is a leading voice that has raised awareness of sustainable jewelry and the importance of using ethical silver in Colombia. Her leadership invites gold panning miners, jewelers, authorities and other organizations and people in the supply chain to choose only ethical materials and practices.