CECOMIP: First alluvial gold mining cooperative with Fairmined Certification

CECOMIP: First alluvial gold mining cooperative with Fairmined Certification

Recently the mining organization CECOMIP LTDA, situated in the district of Ananea in Puno, Peru, became the first alluvial gold mining organization worldwide to obtain Fairmined Certification. This achievement is evidence of CECOMIP’s commitment to produce responsible minerals, meeting the requirements for the certification by guaranteeing the operations’ legality concerning environmental protection, fair working conditions, social and organizational development and the traceability of exploitation.

“We decided to accept the challenge of the Fairmined Certification because we pledge for environmental care and protection as well as for our community’s economic development. We know that more and more consumers demand sustainable gold produced under high environmental standards; we wanted to be a part of this process and we accomplished that. The time has come to export our responsible products backed by our social responsibility, in exchange for a fair price.”Declared William Yampara, president of CECOMIP.

CECOMIP is a model for artisanal and small-scale mining organizations, not only for its improvements and achievements but also because it is the first organization that obtained Fairmined Certification without any immediate corrective measures requested by the audit body. Furthermore, being the first alluvial mining cooperative with Fairmined Certification, CECOMIP overrides the myth that responsible mining is not possible in this type of mining.

With CECOMIP there are 3 Fairmined certified mining organizations in Peru and 11 worldwide that provide the gold market with traceable and responsibly mined gold from artisanal and small-scale mining. Do you want to know how to buy Fairmined Gold? Contact Kenneth Porter from Business Development to get the information: kenneth.porter@responsiblemines.org.

Photo: ARM