100 brands offer Fairmined Gold worldwide

100 brands offer Fairmined Gold worldwide

The Fairmined initiative has grown steadily since 2014 when the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) launched its flexible sourcing models to expand market opportunities for artisanal miners. ARM can now celebrate having over 100 brands offering Fairmined gold and silver products worldwide.

“We are proud of Fairmined’s success in the market and the value it has generated for the miners” says Kenneth Porter, Head of Fairmined Business Development at the Alliance for Responsible Mining. “Luxury brands and independent designers from the jewelry industry, and producers of coins, medals and trophies are committing to responsible sourcing. We would like to thank them for their sourcing of Fairmined gold. This has allowed the miners to make significant improvements to their operations and communities. It has also brought these miners national and international recognition as leaders of responsible gold mining, setting an example for others to follow.”

For Francesc Picanyol Ballester of Majoral, a Fairmined supplier and licensee based in Barcelona, Fairmined has brought value to his business on various levels:
“First of all, it allows us to differentiate ourselves from other companies. Secondly it is good for our social balance. Third, Fairmined gives us the opportunity to participate in a network of companies with which we share values. And finally, we believe that our economic activity contributes directly to minimizing the environmental impact.”

Also for Gioielleria Belloni, a Milano based Fairmined licensee since 2014, Fairmined is about being an ethical business while staying competitive:
“Since 2005 our family company has been committed to ethical sourcing. Thanks to this choice we managed to overcome the financial crisis, acquiring new customers.” Says CEO Francesco Belloni.

Fairmined Gold jewelry and other products are offered in 18 countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia as well as online. Brands interested in sourcing Fairmined Gold for their products can find suppliers in the US, Canada, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Colombia, providing gold from the 10 mining organizations currently certified.

Artisanal gold mining is a source of livelihood for over 10 million miners, often working in poor conditions. Businesses can make a positive impact for miners where it is needed most and add value to their brand by including Fairmined certified gold in their precious metals sourcing mix.

Photo: Majoral