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Financial (coins and bullion)


The Fairmined Standard offers two trading options that involve physical transaction and traceability of the gold from a certified mining organization to an Authorized Suppliers or a Licensee: Fairmined Labeled and Fairmined Incorporated.


It also offers another alternative which does not imply traceability and physical evolution of gold: Fairmined Certificates.


The Fairmined Standard also allows another trading option that does not involve physical transaction and traceability of the gold: Fairmined Certificates.



General Features

  • Full physical traceability from mine to market, which means maintaining Fairmined Gold segregated from gold from other sources.
  • This allows the use of the Fairmined Label on finished consumer products.
  • Everyone in the supply chain who handles the gold, including subcontractors, has to ensure full compliance with physical traceability requirements at all times.
  • No mass balance or mixing of sources with non-Fairmined Gold is allowed.

Claims & Communication

  • Claims can be made on the final product that it contains Fairmined certified gold.
  • Example on product package or POS: “This product/collection is proud to be made with Fairmined certified gold.”
  • Use of Fairmined logo and messaging in communication material and at the POS, always with reference to the products that contain Fairmined Gold.
  • Use of Fairmined marketing material at the POS in relation to the products containing Fairmined Gold.
  • Use of Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Hallmarking or stamping of the final product with the Fairmined Label.
  • Reference to the mining community where the gold comes from.


General Features

  • Provides a flexible way to incorporate responsibly sourced Fairmined certified gold into your supply chains.
  • Physical traceability for Fairmined Incorporated is required until the gold is delivered from the certified mining organization to the first authorized buyer. Segregated refining is not required.
  • Licensees are free to integrate the gold into their supply chain as they see fit, Fairmined Gold can be mixed with gold from non-Fairmined sources.
  • Documental traceability must be kept, meaning that the Licensee always can prove all purchases and uses of the Fairmined Gold as per License Agreement.

Claims & Communication

  • Claims can be made at a corporate, CSR, sustainability reporting level and must not refer to specific consumer products as being made with Fairmined Gold.
  • Claims can express the amount of Premium paid and/or volume and/or percentage of the Fairmined Gold purchased in a given calendar year.
  • Example: “In 2014 we are proud to announce that we have sourced XXX kilograms of Fairmined certified gold.”
  • Rules on claims must ensure that consumers and other businesses receive truthful information.
  • Limited package of Fairmined marketing material available.
  • Fairmined logo, messaging and marketing material may never be used in connection with a specific product.
  • Whenever the Fairmined Supporters Logo is used it must be accompanied by a factual expression of the involvement of the partner in Fairmined supply.



General Features

  • Fairmined Certificates represent the Premium paid to empowered responsible mining organizations for the production of the equivalent volume of Fairmined certified gold.
  • The gold transaction is decoupled from the Premium payment.
  • You never need to physically integrate the gold into your supply chain.

General Claims

Claims can only be made at a corporate, CSR, sustainability reporting level and must not refer to specific consumer products as being made with Fairmined Gold.

  • Example: “For 2014 we are proud to announce that we have contributed to the production of XXX kilograms of Fairmined certified gold.”











The jewelry industry, financial sector, electronics companies and large mining all have a responsibility and a role to play in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) issues. Partner with the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) to help make that role a positive one.

What is a strategic partner?

The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) helps lead the way on highlighting issues and developing solutions for the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector. By partnering with us you can help develop sustainable solutions to positively empower ASM miners and their communities worldwide.

Our work has global reach and impact: From supporting artisanal and small-scale mining organizations to become Fairmined certified to influencing policy on ASM at a global level, disseminating knowledge through our Capacity Building Center to creating public awareness of the issues on ASM through events and publications.

We are continuously looking to grow our reach and impact through the work we do with our partners. As well as looking for financial support, we are seeking to work with organizations that can bring their unique skills and expertise to positively benefit our work. Whether this is through supporting our projects through skill-based volunteering, gifts-in-kind, cause-related marketing, or through the sponsorship of events, we are receptive to new ideas and innovations in the way we partner.

A strategic partnership with ARM ensures that both parties achieve more success through identifying where we can both benefit from the skills, experience and expertise of the other. This mutually beneficial relationship is based on an alignment of values and goals. Trust is paramount to any strategic partnership and ultimately it is about finding the right ‘fit’ for both parties.

Best Practice: Strategic Partnership with Chopard

Chopard have proven themselves to be an ideal partner in supporting and promoting responsible community mining.  In 2013 Chopard embarked on a journey with Eco-Age and ARM and committed to supporting responsible artisanal and small-scale miners through investments in mining communities and sourcing of Fairmined Gold.  This holistic approach includes a multi-year project to finance and support two mining communities on the challenging path to attaining Fairmined Certification.

In addition to the impact made from these financial contributions, Chopard is helping the currently certified mining communities to achieve their developmental goals through the purchase of Fairmined certified gold and the payment of the Fairmined Premium, which goes directly back to these committed and passionate mining organizations. This certified gold found its way into the world’s first watch made with Fairmined Gold, luxury jewelry worn by celebrities, and the Palme d’Or trophy at the Cannes Film Festival. Chopard plan to continue scaling up their sourcing of Fairmined certified gold and have set the bar high, showing true commitment to supporting responsible artisanal mining and the Fairmined Initiative.


“The miners’ cooperative and the staff working in the office of the municipality of La Llanada want to thank Chopard because we are learning from this [certification] process. We are grateful to them for helping us more easily reach international markets. This is especially exciting because we want people to know about our work as miners – work that we inherited from our parents.”
-Alexander Riascos, Represeantative from the Coodmilla Cooperative in La Llanada, a Colombian mining organization.