During August, 2019, 20 stakeholders from Mongolia received a training from the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) team on the benefits, processes and methodologies of the Fairmined Certification, to contribute to the development of responsible mining communities in this country.

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The event, called “Fairmined trainers of trainers”, is developed thanks to our ally the Sustainable Artisanal Mining (SAM) project in Mongolia, which is implemented by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) as part of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland.

Swiss Development Agency team (SDC), the GEF Gold Program team, the Mongolian ASM National Federation, ASM miners, and MonCertf auditors participated in a two-week training. It was an encounter to share knowledge, put the Fairmined Standard into practice, and reflect on the challenges for the development of this Asian country’s artisanal and small-scale responsible mining.

“It is a good opportunity for artisanal and small-scale mining organizations (ASMO) in Mongolia to practice continuous improvement by applying the Fairmined Standard. ASM is an important livelihood for the local community; therefore, it is important to demonstrate the impact of artisanal mining on the local economy through the responsible supply chain by applying due diligence in the sector”, said Khishgee Dondov, training participant and Field coordinator of GEF GOLD Mongolia.

During the training, the group also visited the facilities of the small-scale mining organization Duush Mandal Khairkhan Kholboo NGO, located in Mandal soum of Selenge province, to apply their learnings on the field.

“We expect that the training will be beneficial not only in order to increase responsible artisanal mining practice and mining accountability in Mongolia but also to contribute to rising the income for artisanal miners and the local development”, expressed Uranchimeg Navaansambuu, Mineral Supply Chain expert of SAM Mongolia Project.

Improving mining practices in Mongolia

The Sustainable Artisanal Mining (SAM) project aims to contribute to rural development and poverty reduction by working with all stakeholders in order to ensure that artisanal miners are recognized as a responsible and organized community.

Since 2010, ARM is working with SAM in order to collaborate in helping Mongolian artisanal and small-scale miners improve their practices to achieve the Fairmined Certification.  ARM is proud of all the efforts that the project has put towards supporting artisanal and small-scale mining in the country.

SAM has supported the Fairmined Certification of two artisanal and small-scale mining organizations in Mongolia as Shijir Khishig (certified since 2018), which ARM had the opportunity this time to visit and personally congratulate for their commitment to responsible mining. Also, XAMODX NGO (certified in 2015 and unfortunately decertified in 2018).