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The Jewellery Room introduces its first drop of curated Fairmined 100 challenge collection

The Jewellery Room introduces its first drop of curated Fairmined 100 challenge collection

By: Laura Galvis – Market Development Officer

The first selection of jewelry pieces from the Fairmined 100 challenge is live on The Jewellery Room: exclusive pieces from the challenge that took over this year are now available for purchase.

Earlier this year, the Fairmined 100 challenge presented 127 collections created by licensed brands promoting their support for Fairmined certified small-scale mining organizations. With the challenge, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) promotes the positive impact generated by choosing Fairmined, such as the protection of human rights and the elimination of the use of mercury in gold mining; but also aims to give visibility to the work of brands that are part of the Fairmined family. In these efforts, ARM has come together with the Danish leading jewelry marketplace The Jewellery Room, who are now hosting an exclusive section for a selection of participating brands from the Fairmined 100 challenge:

“We need to keep the uniqueness of great design, artisans, and craftsmanship alive and support small business”

Says Pernille Mobjerg, co-founder of The Jewellery Room Tweet

a selection with positive impact

The special section presents a curation of pieces from the Fairmined 100 challenge, including some of the winners for Best Collections, and The Jewellery Room will be donating all profits to support projects of the Alliance for responsible mining that accompany mining organizations, and communities in the adoption of responsible practices. 

Sisters and co-founders of The Jewellery Room Charlotte and Pernille (member of the panel of judges from the Fairmined 100 challenge), are opening up this online space dedicated to Fairmined licensed brands and participants of the challenge in their marketplace to yet more brands in 2023.

These are creations of three participating designers from the Fairmined 100 challenge, are now available on The Jewellery Room:

Minrl: Two collections from this Italian brand, Random Polygons collection and the Aura Silver collection. This last collection was chosen as best Silver collection from the challenge. 

Mazahri: the Origins capsule collection, explores the connection between the origins of the designs and materials used in each piece and their impact. The creations of designer Zulaikha Aziz were the winners of the best sustainability story. 

Carole Chiotasso: the French designer created two collections for the Fairmined 100 challenge that are now available on The Jewellery Room, made in solid gold: Pyrgi and Monjoie. ]Both collections stood out in the best solid gold category.


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