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New Supplier Joins the Fairmined Family: Kalman Hafner Enters the Responsible Precious Metals Chain

New Supplier Joins the Fairmined Family: Kalman Hafner Enters the Responsible Precious Metals Chain

Fairmined is pleased to announce that German casting company  Kalman Hafner will become an Authorized Supplier of Fairmined metals starting from July 3, 2023. This milestone marks a significant step in promoting responsible sourcing and production of precious metals, fostering sustainability and ethical practices within the jewelry industry.


Thanks to a partnership between Fairmined Authorized Supplier Fairever and Kalman Hafner, Fairmined-certified metals from mines in Peru and Colombia will now reach new customers. This cooperation will allow jewelers to have their creations professionally casted and manufactured without compromising on responsible sourcing, ensuring precious metals are extracted with minimal environmental impact and fair working conditions.

Photo by Kalman Hafner

Florian Harkort, founder of Fairever, expressed immense pride in this collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Kalman Hafner. Through this partnership, we can expand our range of jewelry manufacturing products and provide our community with greater access to fair gold. It represents a significant step towards meeting the growing demand for ethically responsible jewelry and underscores the importance of fair trade within the industry.”

Robin Hafner, owner of Kalman Hafner, shares this enthusiasm and looks forward to increasing the proportion of fair trade gold processed within his company. The cooperation between Fairever and Kalman Hafner signifies a shared commitment to supporting responsible mining practices and driving positive change in the jewelry sector.



Kalman Hafner’s fair alloy offering for casting services includes a variety of Fairmined Gold alloys:

  • 58‰5  Red Gold – 586 Au, 40 Ag, 374 Cu
  • 585 ‰ Rich Yellow Gold – 586 Au, 130 Au, 255 Cu, 29 Zn
  • 585 ‰ White Gold – 586 Au, 160 Ag, 150 Pd, 79 Cu, 25 Zn
  • 750 ‰ Red Gold – 751.5 Au, 40 Ag, 199 Cu, 9.5 Zn
  • 750 ‰ Rich Yellow Gold – 751 Au, 125 Ag, 119 Cu, 5 Zn
  • 750 ‰ White Gold – 752 Au, 130 Pd, 82 Cu, 36 Zn

Additionally, Fairmined Silver and Fairever ASM Silver are also available:

  • 935 ‰ Sterling Silver – 935 Ag, 65 Cu

For inquiries about casting services, please feel free to contact Kalman Hafner directly:

Kalman Hafner GmbH
Contact: Martin Ott
Phone: +49 7231 / 15 444 – 48

Fairever GmbH
Contact: Desirée Binternagel
Phone: +49 341 / 21 82 90 83

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