A New Fairmined Medal, this time in Poland

A New Fairmined Medal, this time in Poland

After launching the Fairmined Gold Medal in Hungary “The Virgin Mary” last month, Samlerhuset Group launched the first Fairmined Medal in Poland, thanks to the Samlerhuset’s Polish office Skarbnica Narodowa.

The name of medal is “Polonia”. The name is due to the historical symbol of Poland. It is personification of the nation, its achievements and ideals and also a classic patriotic art. Polonia was a symbol of the Kingdom of Poland and later of the Second Polish Republic.

The obverse of the medal presents a figure of Polonia surrounded by a beam of rays with an olive branch and a shield with the Polish national emblem. A proud eagle looks up at her. Above them are the words ‘POLONIA MATER NOSTRA EST’ (‘Our mother Poland’). On the reverse you can see the White Eagle framed by stylized Hussar wings.

This medal was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Polish Independence. Hundred years ago, Poland regained independence. In 1918, World War I was over and the country was free after 123 years of geo-political oblivion. 2018 is a great year to commemorate and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland becoming an independent European country.

We are happy that our special medal for 100 years of Polish independence was minted with certificated Fairmined Gold. Fairmined is a gold that we can be proud of. It is a great honor using it to mint the medal for commemorating our independence, which we as a nation are proud of. Skarbnica Narodowa is glad for the chance to support the responsible mining communities.” Adam Zieliński, CEO of Samlerhuset’s Polish office.

This is the fifth country where Samlerhuset launches a Fairmined Medal. Fairmined is grateful because they have been pioneers and leaders in supporting artisanal mining and Fairmined in the coin and medal industry.