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Fairmined Virtual Edit: Frosty and iced for the holidays

Fairmined Virtual Edit: Frosty and iced for the holidays

By: Laura Galvis – Market Development Officer

We are closing the year with a final edition of the Fairmined virtual edit that honors one of the highlights of the season: the icy weather and the landscapes turning white, represented by frosted jewelry pieces covered in pavé diamonds. I’m sure the continuous sparkle of pavé diamond covering Fairmined gold jewelry pieces from our list, that go from dainty to diamond-covered statement pieces, will surely find a way into your personal wishlist.

Brilliant Earth: Fairmined Cierta Diamond Pendant

Fairmined Cierta Diamond Pendant, is part of the Gold for Gold collection, crafted only in small quantities that provide a source of gold to be proud of. The pendant is sphere shaped, has 23 different size diamonds surrounding the edge, bringing to life an organic shape at the center of the pendant. The piece is perfect to shine on its own or stacking.

Brilliant Earth has the mission to cultivate a more transparent, compassionate, sustainable and inclusive jewelry industry, and as part of their ethical approach they have been members of the Fairmined initiative since 2013 and use Fairmined gold for exclusive collections. In addition, the brand has also been a great supporter of the Peruvian mines of AMATAF in their path towards the Fairmined certification.

Antonio Roccabella Jewellery: Natura Collection Bracelet

The Natura Bracelet is part of the Natura Philosophy Collection, made exclusively in Fairmined rose gold and diamonds. The inspiration for the collection comes from respecting harmony with nature, by making the choice to use Fairmined gold. The bracelet is a magnificent piece that stands out on its own, inspired by the leaves of a tree and its capacity to allow our planet to breathe and live, with the organic shapes and soft curves of leaves that are embellished with diamonds that represent drops of water that slide to the ground.

Geneva-based AR-Jewelry is a fine jewelry brand founded out of its creator’s passion for jewelry and gemology. The brand has been part of the Fairmined initiative since 2017, and its pieces can be made to order using Fairmined metals.

Aether Diamonds: The Bombé Pavé Set Octo Stud Large Hoop Earrings

The Bombé large hoops are part of The Bombe Collection, which won the Best Diamonds collection award of the Fairmined 100 challenge earlier this year. The collection is a celebration of new opportunities, creative transformation, and evangelistic self-expression, and symbolizes the release from an uncertain future as a joyous awakening. These large hoops are mostly covered and iced in 1.54 carats of the brand’s signature diamond in pavé setting, allowing some of the solid 18k Fairmined gold to come through in angled shapes.

The piece was created by the New York-based brand AETHER Diamonds, which has been working exclusively with Fairmined gold since 2022. According to Ryan Shearman, CEO and Co-Founder of Aether Diamonds, taking on the Fairmined 100 challenge, represents a way to elevate and support the positive impact in artisanal and small-scale mining, while maintaining the importance of things like craftsmanship, design, and superior quality that’s needed in modern luxury.

LUM: Cepheus necklace

The Cepheus necklace is part of the Constellations collection, inspired as its name refers to the humans looking up to the sky, and searching the stars for answers to the surrounding universe. The collection is based on the lines we imagine connecting these stars, pure lines made of 18k Fairmined gold and lab-grown diamonds; a sparkle and shine that represent the purity of its materials. The Cepheus necklace, is a minimalistic piece made of a dainty straight-line pendant flowing off a delicate gold chain.

LUM, in Mayan language means “Earth” and it represents the philosophy of the brand, to respect human beings and nature present behind each of our jewels. The brand is based in Barcelona, founded by Aurélie Doublet, and uses Fairmined gold exclusively in all its pieces, the Cepheus necklace, as the rest of the collection is handmade in rose, white or yellow gold.

Vanessa Fernandez Studio: Diamond Twisted Curva band

The Diamond Twisted Curva band is one of the latest additions to the homonymous collection, one characterized by sculptural pieces inspired by the female form and sensual movement, and the fluidity of gold as a material. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and crafted entirely by hand. The band gives the appearance of an organic shaped 14k gold band, wrapped around by a diamond band, creating the illusion of movement and appearing both smooth and malleable.

Vanessa Fernandez is a Cuban Armenian American artist and jeweler based in Miami, she joined the Fairmined initiative in 2022  to support small-scale miners and their families, and to contribute as a goldsmith of the world to make a positive impact with her craft.

Mercurius Jewelry: Verbena band

The Verbena diamond band is part of the celebratory and wedding rings collection called: Commitment. The collection represents the rings that are worn daily. The Verbena brand is an intimate and powerful piece of jewelry, reminding you of what you value most each time it catches your attention: the symbolic vows made to each other or yourself. Each piece is made to order in Fairmined gold and is meant to be personalized. The band is inspired by the toothed edges of Verbena leaves, a milgrain-detailed knife’s edge band made in 14K Fairmined yellow gold, and is a striking setting for sparkling pavé set diamonds on both sides which sparkle from every single angle. The band has a modern yet timeless design to any ring stack and pairs perfectly with a wide range of ring styles.

Husband-and-wife team Alisa and David Thorp founded Mercurius in 2007. All pieces are designed and crafted in Oakland, California. They joined the Fairmined initiative in 2019, and believe that the sourcing of the materials is inseparable from the beauty of the finished piece.

If you want to be part of the Fairmined initiative, contact us at and start working with gold that puts people and the planet at the center.

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