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Fairmined trip 2023 is here: Join the Colombian golden route

Fairmined trip 2023 is here: Join the Colombian golden route

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA – In an effort to support responsible mining practices and promote sustainable sourcing, a group of 20 jewelers from around the world will embarked on a new trip to visit artisanal mines in Colombia. The participants will discover how gold is extracted under the Fairmined standard, which ensures fair labor practices, environmental protection, and community development in mining operations.

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The trip is organized by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), a non-profit organization that supports artisanal and small-scale miners in their efforts to adopt responsible practices and improve their livelihoods. The participating jewelers will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the challenges and opportunities of artisanal mining in Colombia, as well as the impact of Fairmined certification on local communities.

“I’m excited to be part of this trip and to learn more about the origins of the materials we use in our jewelry,” said Gina melosi, one of the participants of the trip. “As consumers become more aware of the social and environmental impact of their purchases, it’s important for us to be transparent about our sourcing practices and to support initiatives that promote responsible mining.” said Ola from wonder fine jewelry.

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The trip will include the visit of 2 Fairmined certified mines in 2 different regions of Colombia, Chede in Cauca, and Iquira in Huila department. Visitors will also share meetings with miners, and will be guided by the ARM´s team in the territory. Participants will also learn about the process of mines getting the certification under the Fairmined standard and the role of the Fairmined premium in promoting responsible mining practices and positive impact in the community.

We believe that responsible mining can be a powerful tool for sustainable development, but it requires collaboration and commitment from all stakeholders,” said Olga Rojas, Communications officer of the Fairmined Initiative. “We’re thrilled to have this group of passionate and committed jewelers join us on this journey and we hope they will share their experiences and insights with their colleagues and customers around the world.”

The trip is part of a broader effort to promote responsible mining practices and increase the availability of responsibly sourced materials in the jewelry industry. By supporting Fairmined certification, jewelers can ensure that their materials are sourced in a way that respects human rights, protects the environment, and supports local communities.

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