The Duush Mandal mining organization, located in the Selenge province in Mongolia, will soon start selling Fairmined gold, after having reached certification with the Fairmined standard.

“Our goal is to develop artisanal mining that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible, along with the creation of sustainable jobs and income for the local community.”

Duush Mandal obtained Fairmined certification in December of 2019, thanks to the support of Sustainable Artisanal Mining (SAM), a project in that country that ended last year.

Supporting small-scale miners

This mining organization was formed in 2008 with the objective of formalizing the miners’ work, which initially was developed illegally and in a disorganized manner.

During the journey to certification, one of Duush Mandal’s greatest achievements was significantly improving safety on the mining site and training its members to develop small formalized mining.

With Fairmined Certification and the local government’s support, Duush Mandal hopes to continue improving miners’ working conditions, as well as their economic income and overall quality of life in Mongolia. In addition, with the Fairmined award, they will be able to continue supporting the local community.

The Artisanal and Small Scale Mining National Federation of Mongolia will be in charge to support Duush Mandal in its certification.

Two mining organizations also achieve their Fairmined recertification

Shijir Khishig, also located in Selenge province, Mongolia, recertified with the Fairmined standard on December 2019. This mining organisation produces Fairmined certified ecological gold since 2018, without the use of chemical substances.

Chede mining organisation, located in Cauca, Colombia, also achieved its recertification. Among its improvements with the Fairmined certification are the development of its environmental plan; strength of its emergency plan and workers’ training about their labour risks, as well as improvements in the mineral extraction process.

Shijir Khishig