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Community Profiles

Fairmined certified Mines

Community profiles

Get to know the proud Fairmined certified mining organizations and get an insight into the miners's lives, their families and their impact in the communities.


The value of gold should be measured by more than its weight. Look at this Colombian inspiring mining organizations that are part of the ethical transformation of our industry and the Fairmined Initiative.


Sustainability begins with the first step of materials sourcing, learn about the origin of your precious metals, and the wonderful stories of Fairmined certified mines in Peru.

the Fairmined family say...

"After visiting the mines and seeing the evolution and improvement of mining towns thanks to the Fairmined certification, I am convinced that choosing ethical and responsible gold is the best decision."
Florian Harkort
CEO Fairever - Leipzing, Germany
"We are currently designing collections Fairmined Gold. Past experience has informed us that if we want to make change, we must forge ahead - and essentially not give people an alternative! We feel lucky to work with lots of amazing suppliers, and are continuing our research and involvement in this area, with a view to improving practices across our business"
Alex Monroe
Jeweller and Designer Alex Monroe
"We have been supporting independent NGOs for decades to help people achieve a better quality of life. Because, of course, the supply chain does not start with the production of the jewel, but with the people who extract the raw materials."
Jan Spille
Jewellerer and head of Jan Spille Schmuck
"We have taken the rare step of using only Fairmined gold in the creation of our collection. Protection is about principles. If what you wear says something about who you are, then exploitation and environmental destruction are unacceptable."
Nigora Tabayer
Founder of Tabayer fine jewellry


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