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By: Jaime Valderrama, Sustainable Markets Professional 

June is Pride Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the diversity and inclusion of the LGBTIQA+ community. At Fairmined, we are proud to collaborate with jewelers who not only create exquisite pieces but also promote values of equity, sustainability, and support for all forms of love and personal expression. This month, we highlight 12 Fairmined Licensed Brands that have made significant contributions to the LGBTIQA+ community, combining beauty, ethics, and social commitment in each of their creations.

Sandrine Diodati@sandrinediodati 

Based in Amsterdam, Sandrine Diodati creates gender-neutral jewelry pieces that celebrate individuality and inclusion. Her creations are designed to transcend traditional gender norms, offering a unique expression for everyone. Each piece is meticulously crafted with Fairmined gold, ensuring that the materials are ethically sourced and contribute to the well-being of mining communities. Sandrine Diodati’s collections are 100% Fairmined gold.

Carole Chiotasso @carolechiotasso 

The Carole Chiotasso brand, with its timeless and universal design, is committed to respecting and defending all forms of love and union. The jeweler accompanies, advises, and adorns all people who wish to celebrate their love, happiness, and worth with 18-karat ethical gold. A notable example is a unique order for two women made last year, demonstrating her dedication to inclusion and the celebration of diversity. Because of her beliefs, Carole Chiotasso decided to only use Fairmined Gold Standard gold for all her collections. 

Saskia Shutt @saskiashuttdesigns 

Saskia Shutt, a Belgian-British designer, is known for creating her first wedding rings for same-sex couples in France in 2000 when they could not yet marry officially. Today, she continues to create personalized jewelry in her Brussels workshop, using silver, gold, and gemstones from responsible sources. Her pieces are 100% handmade, reflecting a dedication to craftsmanship and quality that makes each creation unique and meaningful. Saskia remains a pioneer in inclusion and ethical design, promoting love and equality through her work. Saskia works with Fairmined Eco gold and Fairmined silver to create your jewellery. 

Truss and Ore@trussandore 

This brand, based in Berkeley, California, has joined directories of inclusive wedding vendors, such as Equally Wed and Dancing with Her, to promote sellers who celebrate diversity and equality. The brand is committed to creating a positive impact and celebrates love without discrimination, offering functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces. Fairmined gold is the default gold option at Truss and Ore. Pieces produced prior to Truss and Ore becoming a Fairmined licensed brand will be noted in their product description.   

Clarissa Atelier @clarissa_atelier 

Clarissa Atelier, located in Rome, presents an acorn pendant in Fairmined 925 sterling silver and drop-shaped amethyst, symbolizing life, transformation, and health. In the LGBTIQA+ flag, the color purple indicates spirit, and in the spirit of celebrating “Love in Colors” and equal rights for all genders, especially those in transition, Clarissa will donate 25% of the sale of the Fairmined Acorn Pendant to the Italian association Libellula, home to the trans community since 1997. In the effort to be part of the transformation and to support a new concept of sustainable jewelry and ethical production system, from summer 2023 Clarissa Atelier became a Faimined official brand.

 Tabayer @tabayer 

Tabayer fine jewelry, founded in 2021 by Nigora Tokhtabayeva, embodies elegance and modernity. Inspired by the power of jewelry, Tabayer celebrates the multifaceted nature of the modern woman, balancing strength and vulnerability. Their Oera “Unity” ring, meticulously crafted with ethically sourced agate stones in vibrant rainbow colors, symbolizes solidarity, diversity, and inclusivity within the LGBTIQA+ community. Each ring, with its unique variations, reflects the individuality of its wearer, embodying the spirit of love, acceptance, and unity. Tabayer is commited to donating 10% of its proceeds from the Oera “Unity” Rring to the NYC LGBT Community Center Hudson Valley from June 1 – July 1, 2024.  All of Tabayer’s Collections and Pieces are made 100% with Fairmined Gold.  

Greenwich St. Jewelers @greenwichstjewelers 

Greenwich St. Jewelers, a family business in downtown New York since 1976, is dedicated to equality, environmentalism, and giving back to the community. The Chroma collection celebrates the natural diversity of beauty and color in nature, highlighting the brand’s commitment to inclusion and sustainability. This collection is made 100% with Fairmined Gold. In a recent campaign, they raised $5,000 for Trans lifeline with a raffle of a ring, additionally promoting unisex wedding bands and the use of Fairmined gold. Their mission is to show that the pursuit of beauty should never come at the cost of others, and their actions and creations reflect this deep commitment. 

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 Emily Chelsea Jewelry @emilychelseajewelry 

Emily Chelsea Jewelry, located in Philadelphia, specializes in custom engagement rings, wedding bands, and unique fine jewelry. She combines precision and hand finishes to create exceptional pieces that reflect both beauty and integrity. Emily Chelsea Jewelry uses recycled precious metals or Fairmined gold and gemstones traceable to responsible sources, demonstrating a firm commitment to social and environmental responsibility. They offer a welcoming space for all couples, supporting and celebrating the LGBTIQA+ community while creating jewelry that is as ethical as it is beautiful. Emily Chelsea Jewelry’s goal is to switch over their entire collection to be fully Fairmined by 2026.

DARIUS creates fine jewelry as objects of power and protection. The SISTERS collection allocates 50% of its revenue to organizations that support the transgender community, showing a deep commitment to social justice. Each piece features the finest colored gemstones and strictly antique and reclaimed diamonds, ensuring low-impact production and exclusive use of Fairmined certified gold. DARIUS views jewelry as a means for communication with the universe, each creation being a testament to power and protection. DARIUS collections and pieces are made 100% with Fairmined Gold. 

W.R Metalarts @wrmetalarts

At W.R Metalarts, they believe that jewelry is for people of all genders, sizes, colors, and love stories. Located in Brattleboro, Vermont, it is a family business specializing in handmade wedding and engagement rings using Fairmined gold. Their Gold for Good collection is made with 100% Fairmined gold, sourced from small-scale mining organizations that adopt responsible practices. W.R Metalarts is dedicated to transparency in their sourcing and inclusion of the LGBTIQA+ community, ensuring that every customer feels heard, accepted, and valued. 

Myel Design @myeldesign 

Myel, was founded in 2013 in Montreal, offers high-end jewelry designed with ethical materials. The Stratura ring, adorned with colored gemstones in 14k Fairmined gold, allocates 20% of its profits to the Montreal LGBTQ+ Community Center. Myel, was the first in Quebec to offer a collection designed exclusively with Fairmined certified gold, highlighting their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The brand seeks to create beautiful things and do them better, attracting customers who value both inspired design and ethical materials. 

Bario Neal @barioneaL

Founded in 2008 by Anna and Page, Bario Neal is a feminist design company known for their high-quality craftsmanship and ethical sourcing. Their design is gender-neutral and inclusive in sizes, promoting equality and love without barriers. Bario Neal was one of the first jewelry companies to participate in the Fairmined certification label, defending the right to love and marry whom and how you choose. Their commitment to ethics and progressiveness is reflected in every piece, making Bario Neal a leader in the sustainable and equitable jewelry industry. Bario Neal’s collections and pieces can be customized in Fairmined Gold.  

At Fairmined, we are committed to promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the jewelry industry while supporting those who advocate for inclusion and diversity. This Pride Month, let’s celebrate the contributions of these talented jewelers who not only create beautiful pieces but also make a positive difference in the LGBTIQA+ community and the world at large. Join us in this celebration of love, equality, and integrity! 

Happy Pride Month! 

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