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Peru: CECOMIP Implements Goldrop, Technological Advancement towards More Responsible Mining

Peru: CECOMIP Implements Goldrop, Technological Advancement towards More Responsible Mining

Puno, Peru – August 2, 2023An exciting technological advancement is taking place in the gold mines of Puno, Peru, with the pilot testing of Goldrop at the certified mining operation CECOMIP. Since November 2021, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and Mercury Free Mining (MFM), with the support of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), have joined forces to carry out a project aimed at improving gold recovery in small-scale mines in the region. This project has paved the way for a transition that promises to transform the efficiency and sustainability of mining in the area.

The first phase of the project involved the meticulous collection of mineral samples from the certified mines of CECOMIP and Cruz Pata. These samples were analyzed in laboratories in Colombia, the United States, and Australia, with the goal of identifying a technology that enhances the profitability of gold extraction. After rigorous analysis, Goldrop emerged as the most effective technology for gold recovery in these operations.

The second phase focused on the socialization of this innovative technology with the miners of PunoMFM and ARM, responsible for technical supervision and coordination with certified mines, are concluding this stage, allowing local miners to directly experience the benefits of Goldrop.

The results are positive. Goldrop offers significantly higher gold recovery compared to other gravity-based technologies, while standing out for its affordability and ease of use for miners. A miner from CECOMIP states, “Since ARM and MFM gave us the sample results, we became interested in Goldrop because it recovers more gold. In CECOMIP, we are conducting tests and it’s productive, and we can use it alongside our other technologies.”

Cecomip Team testing the Goldrop – Puno, Peru.

Caelen Burand, an MFM consultant, shares his enthusiasm for Goldrop’s potential: “The world of Ananea miners is fascinating. Goldrop will greatly assist them in their gold recovery processes. Even miners who no longer use mercury find it useful for enhanced recovery. I believe that as Goldrop becomes more widespread, it will be a significant benefit to miners in Peru.”

The long-term benefits of this implementation are promising. Goldrop technology is expected to be widely adopted by miners throughout Peru, especially those working with alluvial gold deposits. This advancement not only boosts mining efficiency but also addresses environmental and sustainability concerns.

The implementation of Goldrop in CECOMIP’s certified mine marks a milestone in the search for responsible and efficient technological solutions in the mining industry, and its positive impact has the potential to extend far beyond the borders of Puno, benefiting mining communities across the country.

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